Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pack It All In

The last two weeks could not be more jammed packed with moving, unpacking, playing, emotions, goodbyes, and hellos. We had so much fun our last week in The Ville, jumping at any chance to be with friends when we should have been packing. So many emotions in so little time! I had a good cry on my way out of town then cried the whole next day when a close friend went through an unexpected tragedy. We had a whirlwind roadtrip back to the homeland and are back now doing a remodeling marathon with my mom. She leaves tomorrow morning and I feel bad we've worked her like a slave. But, whew, this place looks good :) She and J are both workaholics and have found every project imaginable to do around here. In fact, Mom leaves in less than twelve hours and they are in there putting moulding on my kitchen cabinets. I'm so lucky. We went to our new ward and I almost feel right at home. That was going to be the kicker--if we had a good ward. I think it's going to be awesome. But, man, I miss you Ville girls!!!


val said...

K- so where are you guys now? And no, we weren't in Bear Lake while you were there. We just spent Saturday the 21st there. If you guys are in Utah we hope to see you!

Tristie said...

what are you up to? It sounds like you moved. I am SO sorry about your test. Hang in there, baby!

Melody said...

I think Justin's mom and I are made from the same mold. Can I come visit her next time you go?? Paul has been getting really sick of all of my never ending "project" ideas. Hm.. that reminds me, there is another one I have to tell him about. :) JK.. I can't wait to see your finished place!!! I have lots of time to do a painting for you.. so I just need some direction. :)
I know what you mean about all the emotions! It's so hard to start all over. We had it pretty good didn't we?!
Miss you girl!!!