Thursday, September 18, 2008

Party Caveman Style

Hooray! My fabulous friend lent me a card reader so I could finally pull these pictures off my camera (thanks Kathy, it worked!)

The night before I flew to visit family, my friend threw an awesome theme party. In fact, I purposefully scheduled my flight the next day so I would be sure not to miss it. I spent the night before making my costume but realized I was seriously underdressed as I drove up and saw the Ansons:
Heather (Party Hostess Extraordinaire) puts this huge party together every year. I don't know what past party themes have been, but I was oh so happy it was 'Caveman' this year so LeAnn could scheme Randy into this getup: (yeah, that's SUPER glued on!)

We split into teams and went through a series of challenges--here are the first groups learning they have to suck a chicken bone clean then try and toss it in a kiddie pool across the yard:

This is one of my favorite 'old' couples. I use the term loosely because they are too hilarious and fun to be deemed old. This picture captured one of my favorite moments of the night. I missed the instructions for this particular challenge because I was just inside the door taking care of Hayden. I watched these ladies struggle putting together this little dinosaur, and truly, it did look hard. But when it was all over (probably a good 20-30 minutes later) I heard someone say "Come on! It says for ages 4-6 on the box!"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's A She

Poor Hayden. My family has taken to calling her 'Fester' since I started putting her in the bumbo this weekend.

Then today I stopped by my old piano accompianist. I introduced Hayden and she said " Coach Hayden." That's what J calls her, but I didn't expect it from an elderly lady! But to her credit, the kid had no bow in and was wearing little red Nike track shorts.

And it doesn't help that I shaved the back of her head this weekend. J was not happy to hear that but really, it looks so much better. She had the startings of a rat tail and now it can all grow in together.

So I now resolve to keep cute headbands on while we're running into old friends here. Or at least keep her in pink. But come on! This kid looks like a girl!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Uncle NoNo

The girls and I are home with family now. You wanna know what's awesome? Aunts and Uncles who are so excited to see nieces that I haven't had to entertain my kids for a couple days now!

Although, Abbey's been picking up some weird habits from Uncle NoNo. (I love how kids can start new nicknames that'll stick for years.)

Uh, yeah, Best Friends.

Guess who's having a monumental birthday today? Katherine! Happy Birthday!

I often think that Katherine is way too cool to be my friend. She has a great sense of humor and is probably one of three people who will know the movie line of my title. If you know her or look at her blog, you know how fantastic she is. A lot has happened since we've met but she has come through it all with class and amazing strength.

I wish I could take you out to dinner today. Or at least spend the day with you at Disney Land :) You probably won't read this today, but HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

One Year Pics

Amy and I have been waiting for days for Gustav to move out so we could go take Jake's one year pictures. I was so happy with how they turned out! (Thanks to an old friend who stayed up until all hours of the night talking with me about photoshop :) )


But the whole family is so stinkin' cute we had to do more. How awesome is her hair? I know you want it, too! And Caleb just cracks me up in this picture. I hope this is what you had in mind, Amy--


Friday, September 5, 2008

Progress Report

Hey Daddy-o,

Just checking in with ya, let you know how we're doing. I know you asked us to be good for mommy while you were away, but, you see, we kind-of already made a resolve to see just how far we could push her before she cracks. We've been creative, you would be proud. Weapons used include the entire contents of a brand-new bottle of shampoo, baby powder, liquid foundation, eggs...earlier today I painted my toenails with her mascara. And all this has been in the last two days! Impressive, eh?

Love you, miss you, be safe!
Abbey and Hayden


lovin' dad