Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Uh, yeah, Best Friends.

Guess who's having a monumental birthday today? Katherine! Happy Birthday!

I often think that Katherine is way too cool to be my friend. She has a great sense of humor and is probably one of three people who will know the movie line of my title. If you know her or look at her blog, you know how fantastic she is. A lot has happened since we've met but she has come through it all with class and amazing strength.

I wish I could take you out to dinner today. Or at least spend the day with you at Disney Land :) You probably won't read this today, but HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway!


Jill said...

Happy B-day Katherine. I agree with you, Katherine kick ace sea... bace?

Jill said...

Wait isn't it tomorrow, am I going crazy?

Oh and while you are in Utah you should give me a call :)

Ryan and Rikke said...

So I don't know your friend Katherine, but I did check out her blog after you mentioned how fantastic she is and I have to agree with you - she does seem awesome and hilarious. My main reason for commenting is that I'm intrigued by your title. Is it from Orange County? I may be way off, but I know that line is in that movie. Random comment. Sorry.

Ashley said...

Um...yeah...it's tomorrow. Ha ha! Good friend, eh? I thought today was the 17th and called and yelled Happy Birthday. So now you all have a head start.

And Rikke! I KNEW you would be one of the three people who got that. Orange County. How many times did we watch those interstitials?

Katherine said...

Hey Rikke- I'm the birthday girl! I should get to name the movie first! Ha ha, just kidding.

I love that movie. I love the part where the girlfriend is all, "I think we'd be morally remiss if we did not help these seagulls." Ha ha.

Thanks Ash! What a nice surprise! We must have been having a monster jugs moment because I haven't even checked any blogs since I've been here and on a whim I decided I'd check if you added anything. Miss you love you can't wait until you get back to the midwest!

Those instertitials kill me. "All you get is half a nip."