Monday, April 20, 2009

The Weekend Jayne Learned to Lock the Bathroom Stall

Do you want to know what is totally awesome? Girl weekends. Never done one before...and I'm hooked!

I met up with four friends in Chicago for the weekend. We were flying in or taking the train from different places, but all miraculously made it to the Windy City within a half hour of each other.

{ old fun run buddy, jayne, getting her tunes ready...}

My favorite part was our morning jog along the beach. Not so much because I love to jog (I actually don't). And it isn't that I don't love the touristy stuff. But when I travel, I love to do the things that I would do if I actually lived in the city. It was a gorgeous morning, fantastic view and with all the city energy, I could have gone forever.

{...jayne, ashley, & katherine @ the robie house...}

The hotel clerk strongly encouraged us not to venture to Hyde Park to see this Frank Lloyd Wright home since it would be difficult to catch a cab back to the city. While we dove into the tourist guide to find something else, I kept studying the map, trying to figure out a way. So against her advice, and with my two obliging friends, we headed out. It did not disappoint! And we made our way back just fine on the train.

I don't know at what point I became exposed to Frank Lloyd Wright. I have a feeling it was from my Grandpa Furniss. But it was a treat for me to get to go inside one for the first time.


We also had some time to explore the surrounding neighborhood.


And pretend to be models with some alley walking :)


I'll stick in this picture because Katherine actually looks like a model. Sheesh, girl!
This is right outside the courtyard of The Robie House.

I didn't want to drag my camera around all weekend and happened to take it the one day we parted ways for the afternoon. So Natalie and Jessica are MIA on this post, but their company was delightful. These four ladies are all hilarious, smart, and so easy-going. Perfect combination.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Vision In Tissue


Saturday I threw a baby shower for my good friend, Jeanine. She moved in last summer and it has been such a pleasure to get to know her--you will be missed! Jeanine was actually friends with Justin his freshman year of college. From what I hear, he and his friends were trouble makers, so I'm glad she didn't run the other way when we met :) The stories can't all be true!

I don't usually have the chance to do parties, so it was fun to do these little projects I've been eyeing for a while. Plus, the time I get to spend with my friends here is ticking away, and I wanted to make this lunch special.


And those coveted chocolate-filled eggs from Martha Stewart. Remember how I wanted to do them last Easter? But couldn't justify the time? Well, a party right before Easter was the perfect reason.


Instructions here. Although, I've come to a conclusion. Martha, Martha. You set me up every time. I've decided you either need her creative team or you need to, indeed, be Martha for the projects to turn out like the pictures. My eggs did not have near the glossy sheen they should. I know it has to do with tempering the chocolate, next time I need to be more strict about the temperature. And/Or buy really expensive chocolate, ha ha!

Cheesecake Pops--I saw this on Erin's cooking blog just in time. Dessert that can double as a centerpiece? Yes, please. But you know how sometimes the pretty desserts aren't as tasty? That was a risk I was willing to take :) Turns out...they. are. delicious!!!


I forgot to get a picture with everyone, too many things on my mind. But we set up a tripod and snapped one with Tina and Amy before they left. {sorry i spaced that, jeanine}


But that mind slip paled in comparison to what happened later. Justin left to meet up with Abbey at an egg hunt as the party ended. I decided to leave Hayden while I helped Jeanine out with the gifts. My mind was racing and I had the half-thought to leave my front door ajar, but it shut right behind me, locking me outside. I promised myself LAST time that this would never happen again. Justin forgets to turn the ringer on on his phone but luckily Heather was nearby him at the park. They were still a good 15 minutes away and Jeanine helped me from going crazy, scaling the house, and busting a window. Hayden was fine, a little clingy, but fine. Someone please tell me when I'll get my brain cells back. This is getting annoying.

Easter today is pretty low-key. I'm spent.
Even though I had an incredibly helpful toddler :)


Friday, April 10, 2009

School's Out For Summer

School's Out For EVER!!

Side note: remember that old Staples commercial with Alice Cooper? Awesome.

This is the face of a man who had his last day of school EVER today.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

For Nana

A few months ago I happened across an old pattern my mother-in-law designed in the early 90's. A stuffed elephant? How cute!? And I knew just who to make it for:

Hello gorgeous!!


I've known Katie {the lovely, new mom} since junior high. She's one of the good ones. the end...turns out I'm not so great at sewing stuffed animals. But I love the idea. I had to have a friend come over and help me figure it out, this stuff just doesn't make sense to me. But I just get these ideas in my head; can't let them go. And Kath, I knew you wanted to see a picture of it. I promise to keep trying! It was fun sewing off one of your patterns, I'm going to do some more digging around your old handiwork next time we're home.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh, It's On! On Like Donkey Kong

Found this in my mailbox tonight from my best gal pal:

Now I can never show my face in the post office again. At least not if I'm wearing my crown and enormous pink bow tie.

Don't worry, Katherine. The naughty birthday card made up for it :)