Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Genealogy, I Am Doing It

I learned how to crochet this week and am loving it. Every night I curl up and work on crocheting flowers while J and his mom work on genealogy. It is quite the domestic scene.

I usually zone out and count stitches but every now and then I tune into their conversation and catch some quotables:

Kathy: I knew I was a princess! I don't like to work and I love to boss people around.

Justin: I just want my whole tree finished. That's all I want.

Kathy: Don't you love it when they're dead?
Justin: It is helpful.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Newest Pace

Look what I get to cuddle with. It took a lot of time, frustration, and prayers to get this sweetie here. Congratulations Amber and Cade!

Be Here Now

I like to think I'm a genuine person. That I don't change who I am depending on who I'm with. But lately I feel like I've been rolling back into stages of my past. And parts of me revert back to the person I was at the time. Like a little part of me still gets some attitude when I'm doing dishes at my mom's house :)

Saturday I was my normal, trying to keep my cool, disciplining, mommy self. Then my little sis scored us some tickets and game day shirts to the USU v. BYU game down at the Delta Center. (Energy Solutions Arena...whatever. I refuse to call it that.) Side note--I love this shirt. It says "Win or Lose, You Still Have to Live in Provo." Thanks Megs, we had a great time!

OK, so USU barely lost but our fans outfanned the cougars, hands down. Which was why we were at the Delta Center in the first place--BYU refuses to play in our home court anymore. Pansies. I miss those Aggie basketball games and found myself screaming, booing, singing the Scotsman song, doing the maynard dance, laughing at J when he lost his voice after the first half. I was my freshman self.

As we were walking out, I ran into a bunch of the fellas from my Masters classes. Immediate switch. It was all handshakes and diplomacy.

Then I shed the hubby and headed down to Thanksgiving Point to catch a party with my friends from K-Ville. We were singing our hearts out to that American Idol game and most of the conversation revolved around our kiddos and residency interviews. We got in a good discussion about parenting, joy, and being our true selves. Quite different from the cheering gal screaming 'Sit Down' to the fouled out BYU player just hours earlier.

So my question--is it that bad? To change who you are? Don't different environments and people mandate different personalities? I like to think it just brings out different parts of my personality. I'm a complicated lady, people.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Temple Square

I thought it would be another year before Abbey appreciated Christmas, but she is loving the lights. This is going to be an awesome Christmas season this year.

We took the girls down to temple square last weekend with Allison, Noah, and apparently the rest of the state. The little ones were sleepy and mostly just cuddled up into our shoulders until we went into the visitors center. As we made our way up the ramp to the Christus, it was particularly loud with all the families jammed in there, trying to warm up. When we rounded the corner, Abbey and Justin went straight to the statue. I was a few feet away, but all of a sudden, it quieted down for me and I heard Abbey look up and say,

"Jesus. Hi! Thank you, Jesus."

J told me later she noticed the prints in His hands. Now she's telling people He got his 'ouchies' from playing soccer. So...it's not all getting in that head correctly. But it's getting in there. And it did our parent hearts good.