Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Worst Possible Thing

Granted, there could be worse things that happen three days before elective (i.e. audition) rotations. But this has got to be in the top five:

We've been pushing hard this week to get in a lot of playing before he leaves. We have most of the ward hooked on volleyball now and J or I (or both) have played every night this week. Then Thursday Night Basketball...who can resist? Not my hubby. He thinks his broken thumb was punishment for spending so much time apart in our last week together. And now he's at the Missou, Illinois game. :) But...who can resist? No really. That wasn't sarcastic, I was excited for him to be able to go.

I wanted to get a good family picture before Justin leaves us for two months to go out on these rotations. The girls could not have been LESS cooperative. How do people catch good family pictures?!?!

We did get a few that I loved but they were of just the girls or just Justin and Hayden.


For some reason when it came time for all of us...Abbey would smile, Hayden would scream and vice versa. This was as close as we got as Abbey was storming off to find her buddy at the playground :)


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bringing Back the Barter System

When LeAnn told me her design plans for painting Maryn's room, I knew I would have to take pictures of this little girlie in her fun space. I helped her paint the other walls bunny pink, but I left the painstaking stripe job for her and Randy! Anyway, back to The Barter. While LeAnn went to an appointment, I took pictures of Maryn for her. And in return....



She cut Abbey's hair when she got home! Bye bye, little piggies...


We did have to talk her through wearing the cape, but with an arsenal of crackers and sippy cups, the job got done. And now she's a little girl.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flowers For Algernon

I've hit a new low. Let me explain.

Tonight, Gina and I were talking about how our minds, mostly our memories, just don't work like they used to prior to having children. I frequently compare myself to Charlie, who through experimental surgery is able to increase his IQ only to have it sadly and quickly regress back to its original state. And once you know what your mind was capable of, it is easy to get frustrated when your thoughts always seem cloudy.

So my new low. Two of them today. This afternoon I realized my wedding ring was gone. I knew I had it on this morning and couldn't think where I'd left it. J said he saw me take it off in the kitchen when I was bathing Hayden this afternoon. I didn't believe him. I didn't even remember taking it off. And it was nowhere to be found. So after I sternly told Justin I would be pretty annoyed if I went through the garbage and he had it the whole time (sometimes he does that), we found it at the bottom of the trash bag. I don't know how in the world it got there. So it is now cleaned and in my ring box until I find my mind.

As I was starting this post I was thinking about how I have to make lists for simple things now. Simple things like 'Remember to e-mail Allison'. So I go look at my list. Indeed, it says 'Email Rebecca.' Rebecca. Rebecca who? Why? I don't know! Rebecca, if you look at this blog and are expecting an e-mail from me, please remind me why!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Metro Section

Is it lame to think it's cool to be in the newspaper? Eh. This was in Sunday's paper with a story about Grant's Farm--cute, huh? On page D2. Oh yeah, the big time.

J stole the paper from my neighbor to see if this picture was the one they decided to use. I told him to just go buy one. 'On a Sunday?' he said, incredulously. Yeah, I'm the heathen. Stealing is much more appropriate.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Quintessential Summer

The kids around here go back to school this week. Doesn't that seem early? I'm not ready for them to go (although I'm sure their moms have different feelings). My friends have great kids and I've really enjoyed spending our summer days with them.

This morning started with phone calls to meet two or three friends at the park but turned into a big party at the beach. This is about seven minutes from my house and I didn't even know it was here all summer, what a shame.


Did you know my gal is smiling now?

And then there's this gal. I don't know what to tell ya, that's Abbey.

J couldn't come but luckily Andy and David have no problem helping out with everyone's kids. They are so good at recognizing a need and just stepping in and helping out. It was all smiles on this train ride around the river.

I'm not a dog person but Dru's new puppy tugs at my heart a little.


Why does a newborn who doesn't go in the sun need a swim shirt, hat, and shades? Because she looks like THIS with it all on! :) Did you notice the baby chub coming along nicely? Oh how I love it. Just plumping her up for her Auntie Koryn.

Heather commandeered my camera while I was chatting in the water and somehow got all the kids posing like models for her! Look at these last three shots I happily found when I got home:


Yes, warn your daughters. The Dude will be a heartbreaker one day.
the dude

And this gem. What did you expect? You can't leave a picture like this in my possession and not expect it published on the web! Don't hate me, blame Heather.


Friday, August 8, 2008

08 of 08 of 08

I just realized the date--that would have been cool to have Hayden today. But so not cool to be 11 months pregnant.

We had a fun day with friends and a blue fountain.



careful baker boy, that water fountain has some force!




Monday, August 4, 2008

Nothing Better

sleeping babe

I hesitate to say my favorite time of the day is naptime. But, umm, it is. Our AC can't seem to keep up so Hayden and I head back to my room and let the fans keep us cool. I snack on something yummy and read while she drifts off to sleep. It is my little piece of heaven.