Thursday, March 18, 2010

Resale Therapy

I wish I could send Charyce a year ahead of me whenever we make a move. She was in town last Wednesday so we met up to visit her favorite vintage/reuse/thrift shops. She's always in the know, I love that girl.



I'm loving pearls lately. If these were real, they'd be on a nicer strand, but for 50 cents, I don't care.


Totally judged the book by the cover. Actually, just the color of the cover. Which is even worse. I've been looking for old books that match the colors in the girls' room and these places were the mother load.

This particular one was about 2,000% more expensive than the others, but I'm sure they knew some sucker would buy it anyway because she needed a pick-me-up. :)


I was nervous to buy too much that afternoon. I have commitment issues when shopping. But I kept thinking about that lace dress I left behind and came across the perfect cardigan to pair with it. I bravely took the girls with me to stop by and get it a few days ago.

Abbey LOVED the store. Granted, she doesn't get to go shopping much. But it was a feast for the eyes and she 'ooohed', and 'aaahhhed' over everything. The ladies laughed and commented on my enthusiastic shopping partner.

As we were checking out she said,
"I just love this place. I saw everything that's important to me."

I can't make this stuff up, people. That girl makes me laugh every day.

By the way, does anyone know how to safely wash a dress like that?!?

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Good Monday To You

Do you ever look at your children and think, "You are a total rockstar, kid!"


Monday, March 8, 2010

A Morning Treat

The bigger little one this morning: 'I know! Let's dip strawberries!'

We like to have dessert after every meal around here.

I just happened to have a few strawberries and just enough chocolate chunks to fill a little teacup.


She dipped them all herself and even taught the little, little one how.
As many of you pleasantly know, chocolate dipping is in her genes. Although, it looks like it is a generation-skipping gene in my case.

Monday, March 1, 2010

What a Relief!

I can finally spill the beans!

check out the handsome couple, second one down
(Mark & Julie Furniss)

When I heard the news late one night in October, I was nothing but thrilled for my parents. My dad has always talked about wanting to serve a mission in Korea someday. In fact, in my early years, I was under the impression I had been adopted from Asia. And my mom? My mom has always encouraged my siblings and me to go explore this big world. My heart leapt at the thought of my sweet mom getting HER big adventure.

The next morning, my sister admitted to shedding a few tears when she heard the news. I was curious why I hadn't had the same reaction. The morning went on and thoughts popped in my head about probable babies being born in the next three years, possible weddings, grandparents who are currently receiving amazing love and service from my parents, does Dad just retire now? Do we go home for Christmas? Where's home? Where does Megan go when she has a week off school? What does Collin come home to next summer? And just as they are right now, the tears started flowing.

Many of my friends here are not LDS and it was interesting to hear their reactions and questions when I told them my parents were moving to Korea for three years to be 'mission presidents'. They wondered if my dad would continue his business over the internet from there (no...), if they can come back to the states to visit, (no...) if they'll get paid to do it, (no....). Then almost every single one next asked "Do they have to do it?" or "Can they say 'no'?"
They can say no. But they wouldn't. I don't think many people would.

It's been awesome to watch them go through the process of preparing for this opportunity. Whenever we asked our parents for things we couldn't have, they'd always joke about us getting in the wrong line in heaven. I don't know what I did to get in their line, but I feel pretty lucky to be their daughter.