Monday, March 8, 2010

A Morning Treat

The bigger little one this morning: 'I know! Let's dip strawberries!'

We like to have dessert after every meal around here.

I just happened to have a few strawberries and just enough chocolate chunks to fill a little teacup.


She dipped them all herself and even taught the little, little one how.
As many of you pleasantly know, chocolate dipping is in her genes. Although, it looks like it is a generation-skipping gene in my case.


koryn said...

Oh, Grandma Furniss and Barlow would just get warm and fuzzy all over with these shots. Did they enjoy the eating as much as the dipping? Love those ladies. Oh, and you too! said...


In my opinion, chocolate dipping is an important life skill.

Glad to see they've mastered it at such young ages!

Anonymous said...

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Allison and Noah Riley said...

So adorable - I love the look of determination on the littler little one's face.

How kind of you to post a nice dispatch that helped someone in their college assignment :).

Ashley said...

Seriously. I'm getting tired of 'Anonymous'.