Monday, November 17, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nuggets of Wisdom


Looks like I'm not so great at this catching up business. But do note that good times were had all around on my trip back to Utah. I may or may not ever get around to preserving it.

We just got back from Michigan last weekend where J interviewed for residency and we got to spend time with Melody, Paul, Erin, and Jed. I always dread moving away from good friends like these guys. I wish I could have a growing collections of friends that I make move with me wherever we go.

We spent Saturday afternoon driving around Ann Arbor, checkin' out the place. We drove past a frat house around noon and there were already about 30 guys on the lawn getting hammered.

I said: "Starting a little early, aren't we, fellas?"
Abbey: "What are they doing?"
Justin: "They're making poor decisions."
Abbey: "Oh."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Her First Tag

Abbey got tagged by the adorable Kylee


Name and Meaning: Abbey- A Father's Joy
Marie- Sea of Sorrow/Bitterness
{yikes, I think I should consult another website!}

Age: 2 1/2 years


The Abster
Abba Zabba

Favorite Activities:
Pretending to BE 'Mommy' and making Mommy pretend to be 'Abbey'

Favorite Foods:
Oh, you know. Creme Brulee, Rack of Lamb, Prime Rib Medium/Rare

Favorite Music:
Mr Pitiful by Matt Costa
Once There Was a Snowman
The Little Mermaid soundtrack



Favorite Toy:
her baby doll, hands down

Favorite Item of Clothing:
a pink dress that is getting way too small but makes her feel like a princess

What Makes Her Happy:
{trust me, she can outlast any adult in either of these activities}

What Makes Her Sad:
A mean mommy telling her we would go have lunch with dad after her doctor's appointment, then driving straight home because Dad didn't have enough time. The mean mom got bit. The two-year old got a time out, which also made her sad.


Funny Phrases:
"Can we give Mommy away?"

"Let's Blow This Joint"

"Daddy's a princess."

"Mommy hit me with a car."
{before you call CS, i honestly don't know where she came up with that last one}

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Friends, Good Times

And the update continues:

In October, the girls and I took a few days to visit some good friends down south. Hayden's never been back on a normal sleeping schedule since, but we had a great time. We hit up a pumpkin patch with the Catrons, spent a fun day with the Youngs, and were able to get to the Harris's just long enough to get her boys sick. Sorry about that...

Wherever we went, these two were holding hands and whispering plans to run, run, run away.

We spent one afternoon in the Young's backyard, enjoying beautiful weather (and great lighting!)


{i see london, i see france...}


Then Trey wanted me to take pictures of his jumpin' skills. Pretty sweet moves, eh? He's such a daredevil.

And judge me how you will, but I can never let a little kid show me up on the trampoline, even if it leaves me with a headache and gasping for air.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Grandma's Bling

My dad says he has two favorite two-year olds. I haven't inquired as to the rank because I'm afraid this sweet pea might come in number one!


I wouldn't blame him. I've always been so charmed by this adorable face. Bridget is my cousin's little girl. I'll always remember the first time I met her. Nicole and Brian adopted her a few weeks after Abbey was born. We drove over to meet her one afternoon and my Aunt Peggy said "Bridget's just a few days old now. Doesn't Nicole look fabulous?" My three-week post-partum body didn't think that was so funny :)

I digress. Back to these two awesome toddlers. They had a lovely afternoon together; I found it quite appropriate when I came down to the playroom and they had on their Great-Grandma Carol's jewelry.


-i'm in love with this picture-