Thursday, March 27, 2008

Legs: Some Yummy, Some Not So Much

And just when you thought these legs couldn't be any more irresistable!

We got a fun package in the mail with new clothes for numero dos, a Sudoku book, and BabyLegs. Thanks Aunt Andi!

And time for another pregnancy pic. Two months later. Two months left. Same pose, same clothes, BIGGER everything.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Die Hard Egg Hunters

For all of those who have called concerned about our flood situation (which is, uh, no one) no worries! Nope, we're good, thanks. Ha ha, just kidding. I, more than anyone, did not think it would get this bad. When your house is on top of a hill, it's sunny out, and it rained maybe a day and a half earlier this week, it's hard to imagine it getting like this.
Since this is the park where our Easter Egg Hunt was originally scheduled to take place this morning, we had to move to a higher park down the road. J and I had a friendly debate whether we could take the highway that leads straight to the park or a major detour. I said I thought they closed it down last night in case the levee broke. It didn't, so he thought it would be open again. I won and we detoured, but we did go take a look after the hunt. Good thing I'm always right:
The first thing J said as we drove up on this was 'Well. Good thing it only rained one day.' Seriously. We're used to Utah weather where the first day of a storm just gets soaked up in the dry ground. But on to the hunt. It was fuh-reezing!
Believe it or not, this was the best picture we could get of her.
The die hards! I was surprised so many friends made it despite the cold and detours. This looks more like a fall, hayride picture, huh. I read on Danette's blog that Easter will never again be this early in the year. Glad to hear it. I hope next year we're hunting for eggs in sweet, spring dresses.
As soon as she found out what was inside the eggs, her gathering days were over. I think she picked up two eggs herself then spent the rest of the time trying to figure out how to get the tin foil off the little butterfinger egg. Those things are hard to open!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Projects

Aren't these beautiful? The boy scouts needed easter treats for a bake sale so I immediately went to trusty Martha. I was so set on this chocolate egg idea, I considered buying a rotary drill fitted with a 3/8-inch bit just to do the project. I wised up, called my sis, and she directed me to So cute! I love their ideas, they are much more kid oriented.

One day these eggs will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine.

But this is what the boy scouts got. You can go to the website, but you don't need the recipe really. I cooked a cake mix in two oven-safe bowls, cut out a crater on top for the candy, dyed the coconut with food coloring, and added a pipe cleaner for the handle. Voila.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just a Day

If one were to take some time and read over this blog, it would seem rather Abbey-intense. Well, people, my life is rather Abbey-intense so what can you do. I haven't been a consistent blogger lately. {good thing for this week full of holidays to pull me out of it} I've had some 'bigger than me' things on my mind the last few months that seem to push the blogging-mode part of the brain aside. And it is tax season after all. While my major was heavily chosen on practical merits and few people are interested in my knowledge of accounting for consolidations, it comes in handy these days to bring in a few extra bucks.

I decided to keep my camera with me all day and try to take a picture of my ordinary life at least every hour. My day has to have something blog worthy. You would think. Here's the story of A Friday.

This is the icy, 'America's-Next-Top-Model' glare I meet each morning until she's finished her morning milk. So lovely.

A scrambled egg breakfast. I caught the top picture mid-fling then a big ol' bite for what was left on the fork. You can bet my breakfast was cold cereal. I don't know what it is about the stuff, but if you ever need a safe bet, bet I had cold cereal for breakfast and usually lunch.

"When someone gives you odds like 10,000 to 1, you take it. If John Melencamp ever wins an Oscar, I'm gonna be a very rich dude." Kevin, The Office

-The battle with my growing bump to get on my gym shoes. She's starting to win.

-Then what do you love to see after a work out? That's right. My hubby home after a 30-something hour shift with a cookie dough parfait in hand. Yes I ate it. I'm pregnant, right? I'm under the impression I have free reign.

Off to meet friends at the children's museum while Dad sleeps. We bought memberships so we try to make it there at least once a week. It is fantastic!
It was an unusually sunny day so we had to let our toesies enjoy the nice weather. Then off for a walk where Abbey honked at all the slow pokes taking up the sidewalk. I smile apologetically, but come on, move it or lose it.

The next few hours are undocumented because we all crashed when we got home. I absolutely love when everyone in the house is sleeping. There's something so peaceful about it.

A little pre-dinner entertainment. I make Abbey dance for her dinner. Tonight's selection was some tribal hunting dance as far as I could tell. (You might have to click on this picture if it's tiny.)

I finished one of the last pages I'm going to do in Abbey's baby book then packed all my scrapbook stuff away. The day I named this blog 'Everything Scrappy' was about three days before I realized how unrealistic it is for me to scrapbook anymore. It makes me very sad, it is a fulfilling hobby for me. But until we have a home big enough so I'm not commandeering the kitchen table for layouts and constantly keeping the curious one out of my embellishments, it's all going in storage. Mmm.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Wee Bit Irish

Any reason to celebrate, right? That should be my mantra. I've been lovin' all things green this year, so what could be better than a city full of celebrators adorning green and getting sloshed before noon? (The other celebrators, not us! Sheesh.)
Abbey had the parade thing down. She knew to relax during the marching bands.

Then wave and flash a smile for the people distributing the goods.

And that's how we ended up with over a dozen bead necklaces and a loot of tootsie rolls.

The Party Crew
Happy St Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Let's Converse

Abbey and I had our first conversation. Why such the thrill? J had the two most time consuming rotations back to back the last two months so it's been just the kid and me. She's been waking up around 5 when J leaves so I just bring her to bed with me. When she woke up later she said:

Abbey: Daddy?
Me: Where is Daddy?
Abbey: I duh know. Where Daddy?
Me: He's at work.
Abbey: I want Daddy.
Me: I know, me too.

Thoughtful pause...
Abbey: Milk?

Then yesterday she needed something so I started the process to peel myself off the floor (the belly is starting to impede.) I must have looked annoyed that I had to get up because she came over and put her little hand on my shoulder and said "Need hug?" At first I couldn't tell what she said because she's never said something like that before but, yes, yes in fact, I do.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

As soon as she noticed I had the camera on her this morning, she started pulling these faces.

But I caught one...

I'll Learn

You know the days. The days where you try all morning to get things done and clean just to have your toddler come right behind and undo and unclean it all. I've been particularly frustrated and edgy the last few days as my only goal has been to have the house organized when J gets home. You know, to justify why I sink into the couch exhausted after dinner until Abbey goes to sleep. This morning after she pulled my makeup bag off the counter, spilling everything, thrown most of breakfast on the floor, then pulled every article of clothes out of her drawers again, I'd had it. As I was thinking a few choice words while she whined for more milk-cookies-juice-TV-whatever, Abbey squeezed her doll and it let out that recorded cry.

It always concerns her and she went right over and got 'beebee' a blanky and whispered calming words to her. That kid is so sweet. Can you see the worry in her face? Bad mood: over.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

If You're Happy and You Know It...

A few things that have made me happy this weekend:

1) Getting three boxes of highly anticipated Girl Scout Cookies

2) Mini Cadbury Eggs now in stock. Need I say more?

3) J was ping pong champ at the 12th Annual Fenton Ward Chili Cookoff and Ping Pong Tournament last night. It wasn't so much that he won that makes me happy--it's the way he keeps proudly bringing it up; 'So..did they mention the ping pong champion today in sacrament?' No, sorry honey. But so glad this gives you such joy and bragging rights.

4) Although my chili was not even honorably mentioned (I thought of you, Melissa), the cake I made for the YW Cake Auction went for $43! I went more for looks than taste, so I hope the couple who bought it enjoyed. Sorry, no pictures. J wouldn't help me look for the camera before we left because he's a little bitter that I didn't take a picture of his 'award winning pumpkin' from the Halloween Party. But it was a double layer, chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Then I put fresh, chocolate dipped strawberries on top. It's enough chocolate to make any lady happy. A newly engaged guy bought it for his fiancee--smart man.

5) My kid pulling quirky stunts like this all weekend. I didn't have any hand in the wardrobe choice, she put those boots on herself! Do you think I could get away with strolling my babies down the road in this getup? Her stroller had a blanket, two babies, and an entire drawer of shirts. Always prepared. I love this new stage--it is so fun to walk in and find her with funny outfits or giving herself a bath in her baby doll tub.