Friday, March 14, 2008

Let's Converse

Abbey and I had our first conversation. Why such the thrill? J had the two most time consuming rotations back to back the last two months so it's been just the kid and me. She's been waking up around 5 when J leaves so I just bring her to bed with me. When she woke up later she said:

Abbey: Daddy?
Me: Where is Daddy?
Abbey: I duh know. Where Daddy?
Me: He's at work.
Abbey: I want Daddy.
Me: I know, me too.

Thoughtful pause...
Abbey: Milk?

Then yesterday she needed something so I started the process to peel myself off the floor (the belly is starting to impede.) I must have looked annoyed that I had to get up because she came over and put her little hand on my shoulder and said "Need hug?" At first I couldn't tell what she said because she's never said something like that before but, yes, yes in fact, I do.


allee said...

How sweet! What a fun stage! I am very excited for Mason to begin talking, but if he is anything like his daddy, once he starts he will never stop. =)

Barbara said...

That is so precious. We have yet to speak a conversation. However, milk and dada is within Austin's first words in the morning. So maybe this conversation speaking isnt quite far away. I guess we'll see...

Rachel said...

Sorry to hear the hubby is working so much... I wish I could say it will pass. But in his profession its probably just the beginning.
Sweet Abbey!

allegra said...

aw, so sweet. i feel like i've met abbey like 50 million times but in reality i've never even seen her b/4!! (in person). crazy. let's change this. maybe i can convince dan to buy me a st. louis ticket or just leave j and visit boston one of these days. heck, he won't notice; he's too busy.

i feel for you being alone so much. we're going through the same thing.

i am thinking of 'ya. hang in there.

Allison & Noah Riley said...

So sweet :)

emily said...

hey, Ashley-- it's my spring break. Do you need anything? Even a babysit or a kids-coming-along outing?

"Cause I know how you're feelin', and the grey days don't help! I'm really really free.

Melody said...

Need hug? I love it. Eirik likes to say, "now you all better" after he has hit me with a drill or some horses hooves or something. Not so comfortable, but pretty cute. I think Eirik and Abbey would still be best buds.