Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just a Day

If one were to take some time and read over this blog, it would seem rather Abbey-intense. Well, people, my life is rather Abbey-intense so what can you do. I haven't been a consistent blogger lately. {good thing for this week full of holidays to pull me out of it} I've had some 'bigger than me' things on my mind the last few months that seem to push the blogging-mode part of the brain aside. And it is tax season after all. While my major was heavily chosen on practical merits and few people are interested in my knowledge of accounting for consolidations, it comes in handy these days to bring in a few extra bucks.

I decided to keep my camera with me all day and try to take a picture of my ordinary life at least every hour. My day has to have something blog worthy. You would think. Here's the story of A Friday.

This is the icy, 'America's-Next-Top-Model' glare I meet each morning until she's finished her morning milk. So lovely.

A scrambled egg breakfast. I caught the top picture mid-fling then a big ol' bite for what was left on the fork. You can bet my breakfast was cold cereal. I don't know what it is about the stuff, but if you ever need a safe bet, bet I had cold cereal for breakfast and usually lunch.

"When someone gives you odds like 10,000 to 1, you take it. If John Melencamp ever wins an Oscar, I'm gonna be a very rich dude." Kevin, The Office

-The battle with my growing bump to get on my gym shoes. She's starting to win.

-Then what do you love to see after a work out? That's right. My hubby home after a 30-something hour shift with a cookie dough parfait in hand. Yes I ate it. I'm pregnant, right? I'm under the impression I have free reign.

Off to meet friends at the children's museum while Dad sleeps. We bought memberships so we try to make it there at least once a week. It is fantastic!
It was an unusually sunny day so we had to let our toesies enjoy the nice weather. Then off for a walk where Abbey honked at all the slow pokes taking up the sidewalk. I smile apologetically, but come on, move it or lose it.

The next few hours are undocumented because we all crashed when we got home. I absolutely love when everyone in the house is sleeping. There's something so peaceful about it.

A little pre-dinner entertainment. I make Abbey dance for her dinner. Tonight's selection was some tribal hunting dance as far as I could tell. (You might have to click on this picture if it's tiny.)

I finished one of the last pages I'm going to do in Abbey's baby book then packed all my scrapbook stuff away. The day I named this blog 'Everything Scrappy' was about three days before I realized how unrealistic it is for me to scrapbook anymore. It makes me very sad, it is a fulfilling hobby for me. But until we have a home big enough so I'm not commandeering the kitchen table for layouts and constantly keeping the curious one out of my embellishments, it's all going in storage. Mmm.


Rachel said...

Your day exhausts me, but I can also hear your voice in it. Its the real you and I love it.
I'm with you on the scrapbook thing, I've also retired mine until I can have a place to enjoy it. Getting it out, just to clean it up again gets old really fast. Although I love looking back on the cute pages and remembering the baby times. You've got to do a baby album for each.

emily said...

I love this post! Thanks for the sweet details, the photo documentation, etc. I love the tribal dance.

Your last part made me sad, because I stopped scrapping accidentally in my 2nd trimester last summer... and have always intended to get back to it. You mean I probably WON'T?

:( Boo. (but realistic.)

jayne said...

Kennedy is 3 days old in my scrapbooks where I left off. My blog will have to be what's taken over. So sad....

Allison & Noah Riley said...

Even glaring, that child is beautiful.


Tara said...

I love the day-in-the-life theme. I have to do that for a photography project so maybe I'll post it if it's cute! She is such a beautiful combination of you and Pace! Can't wait to see the next one!

Danette said...

No doubt that girl will be the next top model. She has the perfect lips. You sure do get a lot done in a day and making your kid dance for it. I love the dance even more!
And your belly, still small. Looking good, keep up the good work.

Tara said...

That's such a fun post. Abbey is getting so big, and she is SO CUTE!! I love her dancing. With two girls it is even funner. But I wish you a boy third!! :) Really, all this femininity needs some balance.

hayley said...

I love your shoes! Also I love your last baby book pages, you have definitely got an artistic eye. I hear you about a bigger space for scrapbooking, I am all about the digital stuff right now.

Tristie said...

Only you could document a regular day and have it be this entertaining. I love reading your stuff. You are adorable.

p.s. I love your page! so so cute.

Van Tress Ohana said...

ashley- this was cute and fun to read. Abbey is so so very cute!!

Katherine said...

What a cool post- I also love Abbey's icy morning stare. Too funny. We miss you guys!