Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the littlest one


Remember when I used to have a baby? She turned into a little girl over the weekend.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

I've been to a few art festivals in my time, but I was blown away by the one here this weekend. I have a sneaking suspicion it was because I was strolling around with my personal favorite artist:


We walked for hours and I swear I didn't see anything that even looked close to anything we'd seen before. It was incredible, I was in constant awe of the caliber of talent and creativity. And I love that those crazy talented people are just chilling in the tent, chatting with people. They seem so accessible--I just wanted to say "You! You did this! Can I look at your hands?" That would be weird, though. And I wouldn't want to embarrass Melody while I was trying to pretend I fit in there :)


We were lucky our kids did so well. There was this particular moment--super loud and high-pitched. I was laughing too hard to stop them even though I'm sure some people didn't appreciate it. But, come on! How bad do you want to join this party?!? {and slip on Joren's boots?}


Mel snapped the picture below while we were waiting for the fellas to go get our cars. We had a good chat; she's had a bit of a rough week, but she is one of those rare finds of a friend that has such a beautiful aura around her that you too easily forget the trials she's facing because she's always sending out the good vibes. She asked me if I found anything today that I wanted to try. What? Was that what we were here for? I wouldn't even know where to start, but I'm sure her mind was chugging away, figuring out how to recreate what we had seen in her own way.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Granting Wishes


The story: My princess has been drooling over this princess dress at Target for a while now. We started a sticker chart so she could earn it, but when it came time for the prize, she always went with ice cream instead. :) Then this week I had to take her in to get two cavities filled (which I'm sure had nothing to do with all the ice cream....) I was very nervous, we haven't had the best experiences at the dentist. Picture me sweating, bear-hugging her arms, while the dentist tries to poke around her squirming, screaming mouth with a sharp instrument. That was a waste of time. In any event, I've been talking up the dress and told her if she did what the dentist asked, we'd go get it. I talked to her about what to expect--how they'd count her teeth, and clean them, and use a fun flashlight to look in her mouth. I left out the whole drilling bit, thought it should be a fun surprise. Then I told her over and over how she and I would go to the store, just her and me, and get the dress.

After she lovingly held and twirled the much-hyped, anticipated dress through the store, I go to pay for it. THIRTY bucks!?! It had been hanging on the wrong rack this whole time. And what am I to do now? I've never spent that much on an entire outfit for my kids, let alone a dress up. Every one likes to allocate their money differently, and clothes are just not one of my high priorities. I live to find a good deal. So thirty bucks. And I didn't fight it because there was a long line of shoppers behind me.

It may have been worth it though. She hasn't taken it off since. And I may never have to buy her any other clothes again :) Yesterday while I did dishes, she was in the front room twirling and looking at herself in the mirror and I overheard her say:

"I love when my dreams come true, Mom."

Direct quote. I wrote it down as soon as I heard it. It melted my heart.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Old Man Is Snoring

We headed down to Melody and Erin's stomping ground last weekend to hit up their town carnival. Your typical carnival--the food, the rides, the carnie-folk. The local fire department blowing up cars...


Why, what do they do at your carnivals?
Just kidding, I think Abbey's face says it all:


Though I must commend them for their brutal honesty:


Call it what it is, I like it.

Had a great laid-back time with our friends and got home to find an amazing package on the doorstep.


As always, Angie, I'm amazed at your generosity. The girls and I love our gifts.

Then I had to go pull out our autumn clothes for the rest of the week. What gives? Abbey looked so adorable tonight, walking in the rain with her little knit hoodie and hands stuffed in her pockets. I think she looks like the poster child for a campaign to get the sun back in play.


I don't know how it could resist. I know I can't.