Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Old Man Is Snoring

We headed down to Melody and Erin's stomping ground last weekend to hit up their town carnival. Your typical carnival--the food, the rides, the carnie-folk. The local fire department blowing up cars...


Why, what do they do at your carnivals?
Just kidding, I think Abbey's face says it all:


Though I must commend them for their brutal honesty:


Call it what it is, I like it.

Had a great laid-back time with our friends and got home to find an amazing package on the doorstep.


As always, Angie, I'm amazed at your generosity. The girls and I love our gifts.

Then I had to go pull out our autumn clothes for the rest of the week. What gives? Abbey looked so adorable tonight, walking in the rain with her little knit hoodie and hands stuffed in her pockets. I think she looks like the poster child for a campaign to get the sun back in play.


I don't know how it could resist. I know I can't.


melissa said...

Seriously? They were blowing up cars? That's awesome!

Justin and Melissa said...

Your girls are just adorable! Hope your feeling a bit better about the move and starting to feel welcome in your new area, I know how you feel there. Also, sweet - how often do you get to see a car blow up.

Danette said...

Hey, how are you liking your new place?
Don't worry about the weather, it will clear up soon and when it gets real hot you will be wishing the rain back to cool it off!
Are you up for any running? I'm thinking about doing the Detroit Marathon and haven't found anyone willing to do the full with me, I don't want to tackle it alone so what do you say???
You really should come run some half marathons and other races with us. You would love the girls and we have a great time. I'll let you know when we do another.

The Hodsons said...

I don't think the sun will be able to least I'm hoping...

Natalie said...

Darling pictures and, did you eat the fried dough? Let me guess? You went back for seconds!!

Jeanine said...

Wow...that is great! Sign me up for that carnival!
I hope you guys are liking it there! Ellery asked to go to Abbey's birthday again....I told her we would have to go in a car, then a plane to get there. She just looked at me a little puzzled. We miss ya'll!

Katherine said...

That Abbey girl is just so pretty. I hope the sun comes back soon for you.

Angie said...

Abbey looks cute all bundled up, but I wish we had that weather this last week, we were in Fresno and it was 105 to 110 all week.

Melody said...

As always, an absolute delight to read. "Call it like it is.. I like it" I love how you find the humor in all things.
That sweater on Abby is so adorable. And the wardrobe change fiasco... I am so with you on that!!!
What's the deal! You just barely got your Luke Skywalker clothes on. Why do you have to be a cowboy this instant?? Arhhghh!