Saturday, July 28, 2012

Spoiler Alert

A long time ago, Kelly wrote on her blog about how her mom would randomly throw the kids in the car and let the car 'drive' wherever it wanted--which ended up taking them to get a treat.  I loved that idea and always wanted to make it a little tradition for my kids.

Last week, it crossed my mind while we ate dinner, and I thought it was a perfect night to do it.  I should have waited to tell them the plan until we were in the car...Abbey had too much time to think through it.

"You and Dad have to sit in the back with us, or I won't believe you!"  I told her we had to keep up appearances, otherwise other drivers would be worried.  "Fine!  Then you can't put your hands on the wheel!"  She perched on the edge of her seat to monitor Justin's hands.  I told her to relax, this was supposed to be fun, but she was getting progressively more agitated and sassy.  I could not stop laughing--but it was that exasperated laugh where I couldn't believe this was making her so mad.

Justin finally said, "Abbey!  It's not true, we just wanted to do something fun.  The car doesn't drive itself."

She was quiet for a second, then declared,  "It's a lie.  Hayden, do not believe them, this is all a lie."

There will be some serious backlash when she finds out about Santa...

Oh, this family of mine.  We tried to get an updated family picture a few weeks ago, and we did actually get a good one.  But these two are my favorite!!  Hayden cracks me up: