Monday, March 31, 2014

Hayden's Imaginative Play

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I miss having this girl around.  Last year, we had our afternoons alone together and she was constantly finding the funniest ways to keep herself busy.

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Classic.  I love when they go outside looking like this, ha ha!  They have so much fun together.

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I spy Jake!  We miss having the Berkemeiers down the street.  Hayden and Jake spent so many afternoons together, they were more like brother and sister.

Hayden doesn't have as much time to get completely lost in her pretend play now that she is in kindergarten.  But she still will find crazy ways to keep herself entertained (and NEVER asks for permission first!)

Easter 2013

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Cool, cool.  It's almost easter weekend, two thousand and fourteen.  I've edited a ton of pictures and need to go through and add some commentary to a dozen posts.  Why do I do this???  We'll have to let the pictures do all the talking…mostly because I don't remember much now!

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A family in our stake, the Duckworths, have an annual Easter Egg Hunt tradition that we luckily got the invite for this year.  They have a sweet spot of land and hundreds of eggs hidden for the searching.  

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(Pictures from Easter Morning)

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