Monday, April 26, 2010

A Brief Respite

Really? It's been over a month? Why the break? I usually have so much to say ;) know. The move. The tax season. The hubby who had a break and likes to be on the go. The glorious spring weather. Just livin' the good life.


And if you prefer to not hear me gush about my kids, probably time to tune out. Because they have been making me deliriously happy lately. They make me want to have six more kids so I don't have to be out of this phase for a long time. I find myself being drawn into their world a lot more lately. Which is just fine, I'll take advantage while I feel that way. Because I don't always feel that way. So I think that has more to do with the blogging break than anything.

My heart leaps to look back and see Abbey put her arm around Hayden and snuggle her in when I walk out of their room at night. To see the kid who protests when I try to wash shampoo out of her hair all of a sudden dunk her face in the pool and swim four feet. To hear the kid who hasn't had much to say all of a sudden using 5-6 word sentences. To glance out the windows at the gym that overlook the pool to see that my sweet husband checked the kids out of daycare, changed them into swimsuits, and is playing a mean game of sharks and minnows. To find Abbey more interested in Jesus at Easter time and a little terrified and confused about the bunny. It wasn't endearing at the time when she kept us up all night. Once to see if the bunny came. Once to make sure I left a note on the door asking him to leave the candy outside. And once to ask me to call him and just cancel all together. If my daughter tells your kid there's no Easter bunny, I do apologize. J had had enough :)

This one is getting the perfect sense of humor.


She does this thing called 'two mommies' where she crosses her left eye a bit so that she sees two of me. She's doing it in the picture above, but usually her face is really serious because she knows it makes me laugh harder that way. She likes to hold my GPS while we drive and was insisting we were lost yesterday and said, "We're lost. I know it. We're lost in South Cakota."

I wouldn't say she's the most sensitive kid. But the other day she was helping with dinner and some onion juice went into a little cut on my finger. I grimaced and she thought I had cut my thumb. She grabbed it and put pressure on it with both hands and calmly said, "Oh mom, it's ok. It's ok, you're doing great." And I totally let her think I was hurt so she would pamper me for a few minutes. It felt so good.


The Haydster has taken my heart by storm. Absolutely adorable. Making up for her rotten infant years, I suppose. She is a delight and still has the softest skin. When I've been away from her for a few hours, I get little butterflies in my stomach when I see her again.

The peanut pays attention and has quite the memory. If you get a chance, ask her about Darity and the ghost. It's hilarious! She can charm me out of any mood. Whenever we start to raise our voices at her, she'll whisper, "Shhhh! The baby is sleeeeping!" Then we smile and the little enchantress goes on her way.

Aaaannnd...I'm done. These people make my life so sweet. The end.