Thursday, January 22, 2009

Monogram Me

What is it about having my name on things that makes it seem so special? I think I have some deep rooted issue with wanting safe ownership of my stuff. I'm sure you wouldn't have to dig too far into my psyche to figure out the reason (allison!). I don't know why my underdeveloped teenage mind couldn't figure this out:

be decent to sister = double the wardrobe

We became pretty good at sneaking each other's stuff, but equally as good at catching each other. One day Allison's junior high bus was driving past my high school and she saw me strutting my stuff in her sweater. No way out of that one.

When I realized my sewing maching could embroider, I thought of a dozen projects I'd want to do. These church bags for the girls are probably the only ones that will get done though.



koryn--whitney's is in the mail :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The makings of a good weekend:


Always a good time. If this photo was equipped with sound you would hear Abbey's sweet, high voice saying "Sophie, tome here, tome here with us, Sophie."


Get the kiddos in bed so we could spend some quality time with Job, George Michael, Buster, and company:

All three seasons on DVD, baby. Oh how I wish there was a fourth. Do you notice the matching pajamas? Not planned, but I'm always pleased with myself when I find out Katherine and I have some similar taste. I've been slowly leeching off hers for years :)


Of course, the food. I supply the hard-to-find-in-the-ville ingredients, she supplies the know-how. We're in business.

Add in some much needed time to plan our graduation trip and Katherine's friend to come over and cut and color our hair (also much needed on my part) and it was a much needed break from the hard rotation J's pulling this month.

In other news, J finished up his last two interviews this weekend. Then he had his first day off in two weeks but spent the morning searching through his old emails trying to find a random radiology presentation he'd read over a year ago. He met another interviewee this weekend who was stressing out about a presentation he had to give later this week and J knew this would help him out. What a sweetie! I'm surrounded by good people.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Head, Paper, Now

Monday was a big immunization day for Ms. Hayden. I was rifling through the papers afterwards to look for her new medication dosage and glanced at her percentiles. I saw 92.98% and assumed it was her weight. Later I realized it was her head circumference. And there's a 60 percentile point spread between her head and weight percentiles. What? I carry that kid around all day, I thought for sure she was up in that 90th percentile. What's that delicious chub made of? Marshmellows? Probably.



So...whatever. Nobody cares about percentiles unless it's really out of the ordinary. I was more excited that my kid has an unusually large head for her body and I get a tidy reason to post one of my all time favorite movie moments.

Actually, this one makes me laugh harder.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Warning: Training in Progress


She asked me more than once to put her back into diapers this morning. But today went better than expected. Better than yesterday. I'm scared to leave the house, but it's coming along.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to the Grind

We made it home. And you know how you 'nest' right before having a baby? Well, I'm having a similar urge to organize and get rid of half our belongings after crawling over them all weekend in our little car. At one point I was sitting on a box of diapers with my feet on a loaf of bread trying to nurse Hayden. {Can I get a holla [or challah for Katherine and Erin :) ] for all those who have refused to take their kids out of carseats to nurse, awkwardly leaning over to feed them so you don't have to stop. Ugh.}

We had a humble Christmas, which was perfect for me this year. And I didn't feel guilty Christmas morning when Abbey woke up and told Allison and Noah,

"Today is Jesus's birthday! And he's going to be so mad."

I don't know where she got that, but I was glad our living room wasn't exploding with presents at that point, because I might have agreed.

So in attempt to simplify, I'm giving myself time for three pictures to represent our Thanksgiving/Christmas vacation. Hope your holidays were warm, fun, and full of family.




Monday, January 5, 2009

What We Need Is Change

Things are about to change here people. By the end of this week I'm hoping Abbey is potty trained and Hayden is getting up less than four times a night. Pray for me.