Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Her First Tag

Abbey got tagged by the adorable Kylee


Name and Meaning: Abbey- A Father's Joy
Marie- Sea of Sorrow/Bitterness
{yikes, I think I should consult another website!}

Age: 2 1/2 years


The Abster
Abba Zabba

Favorite Activities:
Pretending to BE 'Mommy' and making Mommy pretend to be 'Abbey'

Favorite Foods:
Oh, you know. Creme Brulee, Rack of Lamb, Prime Rib Medium/Rare

Favorite Music:
Mr Pitiful by Matt Costa
Once There Was a Snowman
The Little Mermaid soundtrack



Favorite Toy:
her baby doll, hands down

Favorite Item of Clothing:
a pink dress that is getting way too small but makes her feel like a princess

What Makes Her Happy:
{trust me, she can outlast any adult in either of these activities}

What Makes Her Sad:
A mean mommy telling her we would go have lunch with dad after her doctor's appointment, then driving straight home because Dad didn't have enough time. The mean mom got bit. The two-year old got a time out, which also made her sad.


Funny Phrases:
"Can we give Mommy away?"

"Let's Blow This Joint"

"Daddy's a princess."

"Mommy hit me with a car."
{before you call CS, i honestly don't know where she came up with that last one}


Erica said...

Hi Smash! I have to say those blue eyes are precious. I love Mr. Pitiful by Matt Costa too! It was so fun to see you last month. We will for sure have to plan a get together for December.

Erica said...

By the way, I wanted to point out that this is my first comment on a blog...I have an account set-up now I just need to start a blog:)

Ashley said...

Yay, I'm excited to see it. Abbey saw a picture of a blond girl on our new ink cartridge and thought it was you. Random, eh? :)

val said...

just wanted you to know i've been singing "once there was a snowman" like it's my job lately. annie's diggin that song and when i try something else she says "not that one" in a not so nice voice. oh man. terrible twos anyone?

katie, dave, lucille said...

so, so funny. she is the cutest little girl with the funniest little personality. and, as always, i love the pics.

Anonymous said...

adorable pics. I love the colors and textures.

jayne said...

Ash, you seriously have a way with the camera and photoshop. Shawn actually mentioned that he'd love to have you teach him a thing or two about editing pictures to make them premo like yours! Now that is a true compliment from a man waaaaay to picky to be alive.....

Nat and Dave said...

this is so cute! she is adoreable. I love all her random comments. "mommy hit me with a car" that is funny stuff!

Bradshaw Family said...

That is so funny!!! I love it!

Nicole said...

Is it wrong that I want to use every one of these pictures for my screen saver even though it's not my kid? Beautiful!

(I'm totally there with your friend, Val. Lately it's "my job" to sing Jingle Bells all day long.)

Rachel said...

Your blog is serious so adorable. I'm just a few weeks away from having this little girl and just can't stop thinking about how cute your little ones are.. where can I get those cute little argyle socks?

rebecca said...

She is such a cutie with the best personality!! Have you started your own photography business, yet????? These pictures are really amazing!!!!!

Jennie said...

adorable pictures ashley! you're really talented. so when are you coming back to UTAH?! I really want to do a date night with you and Justin while you're here. Be thinking on that :)

Natalie said...

Could she be any cuter?

Eugie said...

What a beautiful girl!

Erin said...

Oh, so funny! She is such a cutie. And Ashley, your pictures are just getting better and better. You are such a pro. I just love them!