Thursday, March 18, 2010

Resale Therapy

I wish I could send Charyce a year ahead of me whenever we make a move. She was in town last Wednesday so we met up to visit her favorite vintage/reuse/thrift shops. She's always in the know, I love that girl.



I'm loving pearls lately. If these were real, they'd be on a nicer strand, but for 50 cents, I don't care.


Totally judged the book by the cover. Actually, just the color of the cover. Which is even worse. I've been looking for old books that match the colors in the girls' room and these places were the mother load.

This particular one was about 2,000% more expensive than the others, but I'm sure they knew some sucker would buy it anyway because she needed a pick-me-up. :)


I was nervous to buy too much that afternoon. I have commitment issues when shopping. But I kept thinking about that lace dress I left behind and came across the perfect cardigan to pair with it. I bravely took the girls with me to stop by and get it a few days ago.

Abbey LOVED the store. Granted, she doesn't get to go shopping much. But it was a feast for the eyes and she 'ooohed', and 'aaahhhed' over everything. The ladies laughed and commented on my enthusiastic shopping partner.

As we were checking out she said,
"I just love this place. I saw everything that's important to me."

I can't make this stuff up, people. That girl makes me laugh every day.

By the way, does anyone know how to safely wash a dress like that?!?


melissa said...

Everything that's important to her. Ha! Love the books and am jealous of your keen eye for stuff like this.

DeGooyer Family said...

I love Charyce, too! =)

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Oh my gosh! That DRESS! I will tell you how to clean it... second thought, just send it to me. I'll do it for you... ;). Kidding, I don't really know. Dry cleaning? Maybe a dry cleaner could at least recommend the best way?

Oh, little Abbey. You make my heart smile.

Anonymous said...

my mom handwashed her wedding dress from the 60's in a bathtub and hung it to dry.

also, it sounds weird, but i watched a show the other evening and they were using denture cleaning drops in the water to clean stained/dusty vintage doiles, and boy, they turned out perfectly. half dozen tablets in the tub and voila!

lisa from Canada

Ashley said...

Thanks Lisa from Canada! I will try that. It doesn't seem stained, but I'm sure it needs a good cleaning. If only for my peace of mind :)

Corie said...

Good finds! That dress is beautiful. Your little Abbey is to die for... seriously, so precious.

Raquel said...

Can you imagine the history that dress has behind it...
Now you get to add to it.
I once had a white lace swimsuit. I loved it in the store, but once I got out of the pool I decided it wasn't such a good purchase for a
4th grader.
Lucky dog to hook up with the one and only Charyce.

Katherine said...

I love that dress. It's going to look great on you. Abbey is so cute. What a crackup. I like shopping with my girls, too. They get really enthusiastic and say things like, "Mom, this is beautiful!"

I would probably be safe and just dry clean.

allyn said...

the dress is amazing, but that book takes the cake. i love that it was the most expensive one. have you read it, yet?
thrift stores rule!

Lindsay said...

ashley- love all your finds! question, i thought i had read in a old post of yours that you guys used to live in St Louis - which is where i live now, do you have suggetions of any good suggestions of thrift stores in the STL area? i would love to go, but dont know where and good ones are. just thought you might know a thing or two about it!

Tristie hearts Dax said...

I use Woolite to handwash my delicates.

Oh, I am just aching to thrift shop. Not ONE in my town. I am living for Yard Sale season.