Monday, August 11, 2008

Quintessential Summer

The kids around here go back to school this week. Doesn't that seem early? I'm not ready for them to go (although I'm sure their moms have different feelings). My friends have great kids and I've really enjoyed spending our summer days with them.

This morning started with phone calls to meet two or three friends at the park but turned into a big party at the beach. This is about seven minutes from my house and I didn't even know it was here all summer, what a shame.


Did you know my gal is smiling now?

And then there's this gal. I don't know what to tell ya, that's Abbey.

J couldn't come but luckily Andy and David have no problem helping out with everyone's kids. They are so good at recognizing a need and just stepping in and helping out. It was all smiles on this train ride around the river.

I'm not a dog person but Dru's new puppy tugs at my heart a little.


Why does a newborn who doesn't go in the sun need a swim shirt, hat, and shades? Because she looks like THIS with it all on! :) Did you notice the baby chub coming along nicely? Oh how I love it. Just plumping her up for her Auntie Koryn.

Heather commandeered my camera while I was chatting in the water and somehow got all the kids posing like models for her! Look at these last three shots I happily found when I got home:


Yes, warn your daughters. The Dude will be a heartbreaker one day.
the dude

And this gem. What did you expect? You can't leave a picture like this in my possession and not expect it published on the web! Don't hate me, blame Heather.



lauren said...

How fun! Hayden's beach attire is adorable. :)

Amy Anson said...

OOh that one of Andy is a GOOD one! I loved that beach! We're thinking if the weather agrees, we'll hit it again this weekend. I was waiting for you to post this! I knew you'd have some good ones!

Mandi said...

I can't believe how grown up they are getting! Your girls are seriously beautiful! We miss you! By the way, you are an amazing photographer and story teller!

Allison & Noah Riley said...

Hey sister! I love the pictures, I can't believe how old Abbey seems. And YOU my dear are looking fab in a swimsuit which I find altogether unfair, yet impressive. :)

I just realized your banner at the top of your blog is still old family pictures. Does Hayden feel bad?

Jeanine said...

How did I miss seeing Hayden in that little outfit? Its really cute...
That was fun, and worth cleaning up all the sand out of my car later! :)

brimhallbunch said...

That last picture is scandalous! I didn't even get a modeling fee or remuneration for my efforts. Exploitation at it's finest.

Nicole said...

I have loved all the summer pictures you've posted! Your girls are beautiful and so are you. And so is that awesome dog. :)

allegra said...

oh my. that last picture is maynard material! too funny. looks like fun times. keep the cute pictures coming. your photo skills are looking great! i love that blue fountain and the cute girl trying to conquer it. it looks like you're doing awesome with two kiddos. great job.
oh yes, and hayden's little smile is tugging at my heart strings a little. ok a lot.

Nolan and Corie said...

Where are you living, Ashley? It looks like fun times. By the way, you look amazing in that swimsuit after just having a baby. How did you do it?! :) Cute family and cute pics.

Tiff & Trev said...

Your little girls are to die for! I'm so excited to see you in a few weeks! That little Ab looks like she's got so much personality!

LeAnn said...

We had such a great time. Great shot of Mason! I am so worried when he gets older.... I love that you can't help taking pictures of my dude. You take awesome pictures.