Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Genealogy, I Am Doing It

I learned how to crochet this week and am loving it. Every night I curl up and work on crocheting flowers while J and his mom work on genealogy. It is quite the domestic scene.

I usually zone out and count stitches but every now and then I tune into their conversation and catch some quotables:

Kathy: I knew I was a princess! I don't like to work and I love to boss people around.

Justin: I just want my whole tree finished. That's all I want.

Kathy: Don't you love it when they're dead?
Justin: It is helpful.


Bradshaw Family said...

That's funny! Do you know where you can buy the crochet beanies for little babies? The ones that you can clip a hair bow on? Let me know. Mady's little melon is cold here!

Ashley said...

In fact, I do! My friend, Chantel, has a great little business selling hair bows and beanies. I'll email you her link--or her blog is on my sidebar.

Bradshaw Family said...

Thanks so much Ashley. I already ordered two beanies from her. I love her site and I am sure I will visit it again shortly. Thanks again!

Melody said...

That's hilarious. I'd like to be in on those discussions. I loved coming up yesterday. What a great time. You sure married well. What a cool family. Give J a big what up for me. Miss you already.

Tristie hearts Dax said...

Crochet is such a lost art, i am impressed that you took time to learn. I can do a chain stitch, that's about it.
Thanks for the happy new year. you are darling. and i love your profile pic.

Erin said...

haha! Love it.