Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Grass Is Always Greener At Grandpa's

J's grandpa is the ultimate lawn connoisseur. And his yard definitely shows for it. Yesterday, I just went and laid down like a little kid and ran my fingers and toes through it's velvety goodness. I miss good grass, Missouri has horrible grass. He is in his late 80's and there seemed to be a lot of talk this week about what will ever happen to this immaculate yard when he's gone.

J was walking with him this morning and I thought I'd relay the conversation, I thought it was so cute. J had the nerve to suggest putting in an automatic sprinkler system. Grandpa looked at him and said 'You know, they just put in an automatic sprinkler system up at the park. You should go look at it'. J said 'All right, let's go.' 'Oh, I'm not going. Green and brown patches. It makes me want to puke.' Quite the lawn snob. I love it.

This led to an hour walk around the property, Grandpa showing J how 'easy' it is to keep his lawn. He has created quite the irrigation system. You turn one valve and three huge sprinklers start covering a whole section of the lawn. 'Is that automatic enough for ya? All you have to do is turn it on. Oh wait, one other thing you have to do...turn it off.' Then he described the placement and angles of his beloved, personified sprinklers. 'He doesn't move. This is his spot, right here.' And it's set perfect so it goes all the way to one side of the barn then turns 270 degrees so it comes up right to the front of the barn. He mows it twice a week; by the time he goes through his watering routine, it's time to mow again.

He also takes care of the 1/2 mile stretch along the freeway exit by his home. With a weed eater! For free! I guess he just loves to look at good grass. Well, I appreciate it. Thanks for the lovely afternoon Grandpa.


jayne said...

I love grandpas---they are so cute and the things they say seem to always be hilarious! Are you in Utah somewhere? Hope you are having fun!

Erin said...

What an awesome grandpa! I totally like him and I haven't ever met him. I hope you're having a blast in UT!

Tara said...

Ashley, you make me laugh out loud. Over and over. What a crack up, thanks!