Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Saving the Day...Twice

Time for some confessions of a neglectful mother. I swear, Abbey is unusually curious and adventurous. She fears nothing. This mobile baby phase hit me FAST. Luckily, Katherine (the hero of the story) has been near and watching. Yesterday we went to the wading pools with Bobby and The Hero. Abbey is pretty finicky about her pool play. Today was a sit-on-the-side-and-throw-stuff-in day. She decided to crawl in, head first, after something and luckily Katherine was there to quickly snatch her up. Whew. I didn't even see it happen! Never mind the fact that The Hero has TWO kids to watch besides my own.

So next scene, up at the lake for a barbeque. I hate the beach shelter there. It's perched precariously over a steep hill down to the water. Actually, I think you would hit some rocky dirt before hitting the water. I'm sitting on a blanket with The Hero and Sophie when Abbey beelines it for the hill. The Hero sprang into action and slid down the hill after her. Abbey only took a roll or two before she got there, but it got my heart pumping. I like to justify that I was holding Sophie at the time, but in actuality, The Hero was halfway up before it hit me what was happening. Thank you, The Hero! You now have my resolve to keep my eyes peeled on my precocious toddler!


Erin said...

Wow, Katherine, you are a superwoman! These accounts don't surprise me. I always saw it in you.

Katherine said...

No sweat! I know you would do the same for my kids. Thanks for not making fun of me for totally biffing it when I slipped down the hill!

Ashley said...

It only made it that more heroic!