Monday, July 2, 2007

Mine Was Cuter

Last week I took Abbey to see the 'elephants' putting up the circus tent. And by 'elephants', I mean tractors and workers. Ok, in all fairness, there was A elephant helping. I think mostly for the cameras. But we had fun walking around looking at all the crazy animals they had there. And what should they have at a circus? A hippo! I don't know what a hippo does at a circus, but Mel and I were excited to see one live.

We wanted to take a funny picture in front of it acting astonished, but you can't see the hippo very well anyway. It was so ugly! I'm glad we didn't see it a few weeks ago; it would have ruined my cake dream. But I love this picture anyway because in the meantime, we didn't even notice a goat was eating Eirik!

I like to think it was the same goat that was so interested in him earlier.


jayne said...

I agree, your hippo was WAY cuter. Who knew hippos were so ugly in real life? If they aren't pink with tutus I think I'll pass.

Jill said...

Let me tell you about your hippo cake, it has become the object of obsession for Alyssa. EVERYDAY (and I am not lying or exaggerating) she asks to go to the party and east " heepo" cake :) I am now just realizing how strange it is that I haven't told you.

To satisfy Alyssa hippo cake obsession I bought her this book from the vintage book store called "Marcel the Pastry Chef" it is a book about a hippo who makes cakes and other pastries.

Needless to say your hippo cake was a huge hit!

Tristie said...

SO PRICELESS that you got the goat shot in the background....LOVE IT.
Your haircut is darling, by the way!