Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm Outta Here

Moving Day: went much better than anticipated. I think we had over a dozen guys come help us--Mel and Paul even cut their camping trip short to be there. I felt so bad, but it meant a lot. Erin watched Abbey all morning, little did I know she was 'super babysitter' for the morning. Here's a picture of all the guys--I know they don't look like they're doing much now, but they had our whole place cleared out in less than 40 minutes. It was almost TOO fast, I didn't have time to adjust. Bobby and Katherine were awesome that day. You know you have good friends when they'll put three big bags of your trash in their new car, drive forgotten house keys down to Justin 15 minutes away, stay and help clean until I'm literally leaving the house myself.

We've been having fun exploring our new city. We went to the zoo Saturday and I loved the penguin display. Mostly because it was 40 degrees cooler than it was outside. I thought they were lame robots when I first walked in because they were so close to where you stand.

By the way, you're NOT supposed to touch them. But he did. So did I. We might be banished from the zoo soon.


Mindy E said...

Love the zoo pics. Well you and Abbey will be missed up here! By the way I got your message and I am sick right now with a horrible cold hopefully by Wed it will be gone so anytime after Tues will work just let me know!

allegra said...

Love the Zoo pics! Abbey is really cute. Glad moving went well and you had so much help--its really humbling to know others are so willing to help, huh? I know what that is all about! We were figuring in 2 years we will have moved 5 times!! (our inital to Boston, then out of our sublet to our real apt, then from there to a 6 month internship, then from there back to Boston to finish up school, then from Boston to where job takes us.) Crazy.. Its amazing that you guys are already up and running so fast after the move without much R and R it seems..:) painting, remodeling, zoo, etc. Sheesh!

Tara said...

I LOVE the weather in the penguin house. Not so much the smell, but ah that is lovely on a hot day. Great pictures from the zoo! I'm glad your move went smooth. I'd love to see pictures of your new house!

Barb said...

tisk tisk you are petting the peguins! I probably would have done the same thing:) So cool about all the great friends that helped you move. Sounds like some pretty awesome folks that helped out with the key situation. Now that you are in your new place its time for a blog showcase! I am anticipating a post with a tour of the place:)