Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sheepy Sheepy Sheep

Did you know J and I have been married for FOUR years now? Ah, four years. I didn't put a big mushy thing on here about him for the anniversary mostly because he views my blogging as an addiction. It just didn't seem right to go on and on about him on here since he despises it so.

But, I will say, I love how we get in and out of arguments. Case in point-last night. I mentioned to him that he had embarassed me in front of some new friends and he apologized. I wasn't mad over the incident, but a little irritated that he could not, for the life of him, apologize with a straight face. He'd say sorry and I'd say 'Really? Try it without laughing' which of course would set him off even more. I finally gave up.

A few minutes later he came to me and said 'When I was in high school I had an art teacher who would always test me to see if I was lying. He'd say ''Look me in the eye and say sheepy sheepy sheepy without laughing". I could never do it, even if I wasn't lying. That's what's happening here." We sat there looking at eachother for a few seconds, one of my eyebrows slightly raised in 'that look'. Then he said 'Sheepy Sheepy Sheepy'. Sent both of us laughing. That's how most arguments end, I love it.

Here's a great picture he took of Abbey at the park yesterday.


Katherine said...

You two make such a great couple. I love that you told us about your little "argument." Cute story.

Erin Walk. said...

I can just imagine you guys saying 'sheepy sheepy sheepy' to each other. Haha!

Melody said...

Too funny! Justin cracks me up. Paul always turns things into a joke too. It's nice since it takes the edge off of everything.

The Zickgraf Family Circus said...

Sheepy sheepy sheepy... that's brilliant. How awesome.