Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Spy

Do you need an acitivty to keep 40 kids entertained? My mom was in charge of a craft and came up with the cutest idea. I Spy Bottles. You put a dozen or so trinkets in a washed gatorade bottle then fill it up with salt or sand. Then you keep a list of what's in there so your kid can shake and turn it to find the items. Super cute. Well, this craft turned into much more.

She gave each bag of trinkets to a different member of the family. So Justin had the bag of footballs, I had the bag of violins, you get the idea. Then she would give the kids a clue about who had the next item and they'd have to run around and find us. It kept them entertained for over an hour! It was a little scary when they were attacking you, but really cute. I love the picture of all of the kiddos bombarding my grandpa.

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Jodie said...

What a great idea! I love to make those things but the way you did it is really creative and cute. It can also help them learn a little more about each other. So cute!!