Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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One More. Only because yesterday was my favorite day in a long time and this outlet is the best journal keeping I've done in years. We have been going nonstop since we moved here. Justin is not one of those people who can hang out, relaxing at home for more than an hour.

We had big plans to go on a bike ride around a lake then visit a cool, historic town nearby. It started pouring--when was the last time it rained here? I was so disappointed and annoyed and it just rained harder, so Abbey and I got out and did a rain dance to appease Mother Nature. She was pacified and the rest of the day was beautiful--much better than the 100+ degree weather we've had.

We shopped around fun little stores and ate at this charming restaurant for lunch.

This is where I really wanted to sit, but I had to admire from the window. I guess we could have sat on wet chairs, but I'd had enough of wet pants for the week, thankyouverymuch.

Then some window shopping. Abbey has a fetish for shoes. It's actually one of her five words right now.
Just one pair Mom, pleeeeease? Sparkly, fuschia ballet slippers. The girl's got style.

The rain let up just as Abbey needed a nap. So we drove back to the lake where she and I took a snooze in the car. Then after a lovely encounter with a man screaming obscenities at us so loudly and out of control that a lady called the cops to arrest him, we went on a great bike ride. It was perfect weather, perfect trail, perfect scenery; ahhhh, sigh, I wish we lived closer to it.
We stopped at this gazebo (partly to rest, partly to wait for the cops to do their thing before we returned to the parking lot). All right, side note. This man got out of his car using the most obscene, racist language I have ever heard. Seriously, I exaggerate not. A runner came by and asked him to stop because we had a kid and that just set him off more. He started yelling about his freedom of speech and how we 'didn't fight on the desert sand' for this country. I felt bad for him. J was pretty sure he had post traumatic stress syndrome. I couldn't help thinking he was probably a normal guy that went through some pretty horrible stuff. Could that really cause you to lose control like that? It made me sad.

That night for FHE we rode our bikes to this unbelievable place I found on Sunday. It's practically in our backyard. It has a sand volleyball pit (SCORE) two playgrounds, a bike trail, and a gazebo. What is with this place and gazebos? Here are the views from my favorite bench.

The funny thing is there is no parking for this place, so every time we've been there it's been deserted. I've always pictured myself having a peaceful spot like this in my yard when I grow up, who would have thought I'd have it now.
Lest we burn too many calories in one day, a ride to the ice cream shop. Here's Abs and her zoolander face.


Melody said...

Great pond! What a find, and the shoes are quite a find too. Bless you little zoolander! Eirik says hi!

Barb said...

You have had some fun this past week! What a pretty bikeride. I see that you took your cool old school bikes too. Makes the ride even better. If it ever rained in Utah like that I would take Austin out for a little singing in the rain too.

jayne said...

You make me want to live in St. Louis the rest of my life. What a fun place to explore! Your house is ADORABLE!

Jodie said...

Lots of fun adventures to be had in St. Louis! Keep a good list for me in case we end up there :)

Erin Walk. said...

Oh my word, this is the cutest most engaging post ever! You did a great job of talking up St. Louis. I am ready to pack up and move there. How Fun! And I love quirkly little Abbey, with her shoe fetish and zoolander poses. She was having so much fun in the rain!

Pattie said...

I love all of your blog/posts and i agree it has to be the easiest way to keep a journal and keep in touch with everyone I must confess its very addicting (sp)

I want to come to St Louis and play.

TerriLyn said...

What a fun outing! Abby is getting so big and she's talking?? Wow. I love your blog. Too cute. We miss you guys.

Tara said...

That is practically in your back yard!? That looks heavenly! I'm so glad you love your city!

christine said...

what an awesome spot to have close by. Perfect for a picnic. Especially if you're the only one's there.