Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Party 'Till You Crash


We partied HARD, starting out the weekend with a curry barbeque at the Aanderuds. I was disappointed to learn my kids were both terrified of fireworks. Fun, fun night. Got home late, woke up early for a pancake breakfast and games with the ward.



We both agreed the kids needed some naps, then woke them up early to head to another party with Justin's co-workers who have become some great friends for us here. And (yay!) the girls both gave the sparklers a shot. On our way home we found a neighborhood putting on their own firework show. We were stunned at how much they spent on fireworks and we'll be back next year. It was perfect to park our car right next to it and watch from inside so the sounds didn't frighten the girls. Maybe we'll pitch in some cash for the show next year!



The next night we were off to J's department head's home for his annual party. Such a great party in a beautiful setting with our own firework show, it makes me happy to continue this tradition.


The girls love the chicken coop and searching for the pale blue eggs, but I took the picture below of Abbey seconds after three of them flew right past her head and ruffled her curls. She was a bit wary after that. Hayden was not!


J unexpectedly had Monday off, and I always love to make poffertjes when we come across a relaxed morning.


Quite the picture overload! But it was a bit of an overloaded weekend, I think we're just now recovering :)

Oooh, edit to add: you will need a poffertjes pan! People are wanting recipes, but I should have warned you'll need some new cooking tools. http://fantes.com/aebleskiver.html (the nonstick poffertjes pan towards the bottom) We came across them in the Netherlands and I begged Koryn to keep taking us back to the market to eat. She bought me my pan for Christmas years ago and it is such a fun breakfast to do. It's a little more labor intensive than pancakes, so I only whip it out when we have some time to enjoy the meal. If you get one, let me know! I'll email you the recipe.


val said...

lovely jam packed weekend! love that barn! and hayden plugging her ears and abbey making a face. great photo!
will you share your special breakfast recipe? it looks divine.

Nicole said...

'Scuse me? Poffertjes?! I don't know what they are, but I see you're putting jam and powdered sugar on them, so I'll need that recipe.

Delicious summer pictures. I love that photo with the barn and your two sweeties talking things over.

melissa said...

Jeff's family makes poffertjes a lot. (They call them aebleskivers.) They are amazing with buttermilk syrup!

You've captured summer so perfectly with these photos! Lovely!

Natalie said...

Ray's grandma actually gave me an aebleskiver pan for our wedding and (EEK!) I have never even used it. I would love the recipe so I can give it a go.....

Corey, Alisa, and Elsie said...

Everything American--and I LOVE it!! I seriously love The Fourth--maybe next year we can be home for it. It looks like you live in the most adorable, perfect place! It's like I always want to jump into your pictures. Please, bring on the pics--I love'em.

Allison and Noah Riley said...

I love Abbey's cheeser smile and the picture of Hayden with her blue egg. Oh! What I wouldn't give for an unlimited travel budget and time!

The Hodsons said...

I love your pictures...it's a good reminder of why summer is so good!

Jamie said...

You take the best pictures! Jealous!
Looks like you all had a blast!

always loven life said...

Ashley, I loved the pictures thanks for the overload. Abby and Hayden are so big. Abby looks like she is ready to go to Kindergarten. I am referring to the potato sack race pic. When did that happen? What a fun weekend. I am glad you have found some great friends, especially in the department. My mouth is water for your Netherlands pancakes. I feel pretty special knowing you made those for us!! Miss you.

germanjules said...

i would have to say that i like the tug-o-war pictures the best...thinking of you and surprised to find two of our cuties pulling together...hope you are having a great summer!

Amanda said...

That parade picture reminds me of my childhood fourth of july celebrations when I would watch the parades at my grandparents' house.