Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Summer Haps


Wanna know what I love? My lawn. Ha ha! Seriously! Look at that lushness.



This is one of those summers where everything is just right. I love my kids ages, I love the fun we can go do every day. Hayden is doing well skipping naps, so we just play all day.

Melody found a children's garden online that happens to be just around the corner. Our kids found a perfect, shady spot to have lunch in the fairy corner.


Little glass beads were strewn about and the kids went bananas for them. It was like magic for them, I loved watching it. In fact, I bought my own bag at Hobby Lobby to scatter a few every time we go for other kids to find. (One time we went and the beads were all wasn't pretty.)



There are also all sorts of things scattered on the ground to build fairy houses. I took Hayden to the bathroom and when I returned, Melody had built this:


Those lucky fairies.

The girls love water balloons right now. But they DO NOT like them to pop. The things are actually their balloon babies and they walk them around, put them down for naps, love on them. As my sister overheard on the phone, it is pretty traumatic when one of them pops. A few nights ago we were outside playing with the babies in some hot, summer weather and within minutes this enormous storm came through.


One of my favorite memories as a kid was running through a summer storm with my mom, having a water fight with the water running down the gutter :) I thought of her and easily convinced Hayden to join me and Abbey ran out a few minutes later. I love warm rain storms.

My mom randomly emailed me the next day about that particular memory. She was giving a talk in Korea and told that story. She and I hadn't talked about it for years...if ever. It's fun we were both thinking of summer storm memories this week.


melissa said...

A FAIRY LAND?! Luckeee. That last picture is so cool! Very jealous of your lush, green lawn.

Corey, Alisa, and Elsie said...

I AM envious--our turf has sort have been uncared for and resulted in moss. We had NO clue had to care for it. After a month or so, we were given some tips and things and ended up re-turfing the whole of it. The front is coming, but the needs some help. Hopefully we an roll around on the lawn in the back one day--grass stains and summer, that's what it's about, right?
The fairy corner is adorable--loved how creative it was.

Amanda said...

I just want to lie in your grass--it's so green and I can just imagine how it feels!

Corie said...

Ashley, you seriously take the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. So real and pure and simple. (I guess it doesn't hurt that you have such cute subjects, either!) I'm glad you're having a great summer. Enjoy!