Monday, January 11, 2010

At The...Carwash!

And now for my favorite moments and pictures of the week.

The girls found heaven:




Those of you who are lucky enough to have memories with my little sis know that her memories are strongly tied to food. I realize now she was trying to maximize our time and nail down 'favorite aunt' status with the nieces she rarely gets to see. Well done, sis.


Ice cream in Time Square


A little cookie baking time:


And incredible, mood-changing, devil's food cake cheesecake from Junior's. I ate it with my eyes closed. And every bite seriously pulled me out of the stinky mood I had that morning with my kids. We told Abbey to show Noah her treat and got this: {classic}


I wish I would have thought sooner to wrap my scarves around the girls. It was a frigid week and this definitely helped. Obviously a little too big for Hayden, so as soon as I figure out how to knit, the first thing will be baby scarves.


Again, Abbey, with the dancing. I love this girl.



Al & Noah had to head back to work on our last day, but I (wisely) scheduled a late flight so they could help me get back to the airport. Every child in that city needs their own entourage. But I was on my own for a day. I seriously considered trying the subways. But alas, I was not equipped with the gear, the courage, or the few extra hours I needed for when I inevitably got confused and lost. I was especially leery after Allison told me about the baby stroller that accidentally rolled and fell onto oncoming train tracks (baby survived, you can pull your heart out of your stomach...I know, I just about died as she was telling me).

Anyhoo, the Staten Island ferry is a short walk across the park from Al's pad, so the girls and I boarded to float past the Lady in the Harbor. This was such a sweet memory. We have a book I read to Abbey about a little girl who daydreams about sailing a boat to find her friend who moved away. She talks about sailing past Lady Liberty and out to the ocean. Abs was so excited to see her ("she's green!") and tell Hayden all about the story. So sweet.




These two, I love 'em. We all adore Noah and Allison gets me better than anyone else (for better or worse, ha ha!) They were so sweet to spend New Years, a weekend, and two of their vacation days hauling my stroller and luggage up and down stairs. Not to mention lovin' on my kids and spoiling us rotten. I lost my little point-and-shoot camera with all our New Year's pictures on it, so maybe we will have to go back next year, I don't know.



Katherine said...

I love the pictures of Abbey dancing and I would go to NYC just to eat good food. I'm jealous! What kind of shake did you get?

Ashley said...

We really need to plan a trip that purely involves food, stores, and Wicked. We got one that was kind-of like Rocky Road, but I stuck to the chocolate mint truffle one with toffee bits.

katie, dave, lucille and winston said...

i love, i love, i love these posts. looks like so much fun! and your girls get cuter every post you do.
so glad you got to spend some fun time in the city; i love that place!

Anonymous said...
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Nicole said...

Awwww. Nothing beats a sister visit! I always feel so new and hopeful after being with my sisters. That shot of Allison cooking with your kids - Hayden on tiptoe... Too sweet!

Joanie said...

Wow, you are adventurous! Looks like it was worth it. What fun memories! And what cute girls. Hayden looks like she never wants to leave that dress store.

Melissa said...

I am so impressed at the cute accessories your kids will wear! They certainly look like New York fashionistas!! I hope all is well with you guys!!

melissa said...

Nope. I lied. My super fave is the shot of the girls looking at the Statue of Liberty. Awesome!

allegra said...

oh, such cute pics! i can really tell how much your girls love their aunt allison:) like when hayden is gripping her arm during cookie time, or the last pic when abbey is glaring at her. it's all so precious. and, they kind of look like they could be her daughters cause they look kinda like her. i'm glad you had a good time! i am with you, though.. would not want to live in NY with kids. Dan's dream job is to work in Hedge Funds and I told him I'd support him but I'm not living in downtown NY with kids! that's the deal:) either he pics another state like CT or MA, or we live outside of the city in NY.. hope i don't eat my words in a few years. eeerrr..

allegra said...

p.s. funny. i have that exact same chandelier (in the first pic) above my dining table. what a little girls paradise. how did you come out of there without breaking the bank/and, or tantrums? he he

The Hodsons said...

You and your girls are so cute!! I'm happy for you that it was a fun/busy trip! It looks super cold there though! Good thing you had some good looking coats and hats :) Happy New Year!

Jennie said...

These are great pictures! you have a gift at capturing moments! So glad you got to see Allison and Noah!

koryn said...

Ok - remember that crazy idea I had of skipping NYC? These have now made me hungry for a visit. Must revisit the idea. I still think we can somehome pull off both.

I continue in wondered awe at the beautiful slices of life you capture and the further artistry of your photoshopping (and artistry it is!) Allison and Nobie really are so great, gosh are we lucky to claim each other or what?

Allison said...

I've probably revisited this post 3 times now - haven't known what to say, just that I loved the way you captured our fun week together and that I don't feel like we deserve the sweet praise :). Well, maybe Nobie does. We loved having you guys here! And I think it's funny that in spite of the fact I feel like we didn't FEED YOU ONCE while you were here, we did manage so many treats!

And Koryn - what's this I read about skipping NYC?! Break my heart. Would I skip Monticello? :)

Corey, Alisa, and Elsie said...
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Corey, Alisa, and Elsie said...

Ash, I don't know how you narrow down your pics--your girls are so adorable. I LOVED the one of Abbey and Hayden looking at the ferry window at Miss Liberty. You've captured some fabulous facial expressions! Subways and cities with little ones ARE intimidating. My heart stopped a minute when you told that story about the babe and the stroller. Bummer about your point and shoot---that's no fun. You have documented some incredible moments with this one!

Devin said...

Hey Ash! I love all your pictures! Looks like you had a good trip to NY! Hope you guys are doing well.