Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Than You Want to Know

PS, the recipe for the dessert in the previous post is on Of course. Search for Chocolate and Raspberry Heart Napoleans.

I've been tagged a few times this week, some of which are the same questions. And since I haven't posted in over a week and blogging inspiration is low, I will succumb to the tag. This one is courtesy of cousin Melissa:

10 years ago:
14 years old. I remember having a decent size crush on Michael H. One summer day he sauntered in and sat across the pool from me. I played it cool. Didn't say hi. I thought if I sat there looking cute in my swimming suit, he'd surely be mine. He never was. And yet I kept that school of thought for many, many years. How I ever got married, I'll never know.

Snacks I enjoy:
-Chocolate chips. Not that great, but a good, reliable last resort these days.
-Cold cereal
-And in an attempt to seem healthy...fruit salad. Covered in whipping cream.

Things I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire:
Can we buy our way out of another year and a half of school and somehow bypass the residency match? Actually, I would put together an 'Ashley's Family and Friends' Amazing Race. We'd do the ultimate race with all the places the show has gone over the seasons.

3 Bad Habits:
Leaving my car unlocked with the keys in the ignition. But all this has changed since Koryn came home to find her house being robbed last week. Horrifying! They can take the car, I just don't want to find someone inside my car one day.

I like to let my dinner settle so I rarely do dishes right away.

I don't floss. (eew gross) Whatever, I never get cavities either.

5 Places I've Lived:
I've only lived in four. None of which are very exciting so I'm declining the question. This question is depressing.

Jobs I've had:
-Violin/Piano Teacher: I was not born to teach. Let me rephrase, I was not born to teach children.
-Janitor: The best. You would think I'd be a better cleaner but a lot of time was spent being teased by our boss. From getting pelted with water balloons launched from the roof, to getting the living daylights scared out of me from people jumping out of boxes in dark hallways, to admitting defeat and surrendering our spray bottle 'weapons' after he trapped us in the underground passage under the school. Good times.
-USU booth attendant: this job makes you bitter over time, but sweet parking perks!
-Couple accounting/tax preparation jobs
-University Professor: I still don't know how I fooled them into hiring me.

Things people don't know about you:
See below, I'm sure it covers this question.

Second Tag: 10 random facts
I really should do this about Justin, he has great stories. But here goes.

1) I haven't been pulled over since 2001. I guess I don't have the need for speed.

2) My parents used to call me the 'ice princess'. I wasn't. I was just really shy. And most people will attest I'm pretty oblivious. OK, I could give a good crusty look.

3) Even though I spent hours and hours perfecting violin pieces, I have the worst time remembering composers and titles. I was trying out for my second year in the Utah Youth Symphony and Barbara Scowcroft asked me which song I most enjoyed playing with them the previous year. I froze and said 'Um....the second one.' Smooth.

4) I sincerely want to learn Spanish one day. I can sing the words to most Mana and Shakira songs, but I don't know what I'm saying. Something about 'Where is my woman?' and 'Flies in the house'.

5) My dream is to own a breakfast/lunch cafe. I'm going to call it Small Indulgences. (And that's trademarked, no stealing! Ok, it's not trademarked but it would be really lame if you stole it because I won't be able to do this for like 20 years.) I want to make a special room with big cushy chairs and floor cushions where moms can come with their kids and have brunch together and read books. I'm sure it would be a logistical nightmare, but it sounds so nice.

6) I hated boys when I was in early elementary school. My mom forced me to go to Kenny J's 6th birthday party and I'm sure I had a scowl the whole time because I was the only girl. He turned out to be completely charming later in life. Then she made me go to Tyler T's little league football games and talk to him on the phone. Big football stud later. I really missed the boat. Then in 3rd grade Jason and Brady just kept loitering outside my house, trying to hit us with snowballs. I wanted my mom to make them leave but she made me invite them in for hot chocolate AND sit there while they ate. What was my deal? Even back then Brady was gooood lookin'. He looked like that hot kid from The Sandlot. And I don't mean J. :) Although he was equally adorable in those little red swimshorts in the swimming pool scene.

7) I have recurring nightmares about playing basketball and all but refuse to play now. I was never good at contact sports.

8) I had a celebrity crush on Matthew McConaughy (don't judge me). That is until this week when my friends had an impromptu intervention and I found out he chews tobacco, doesn't believe in deodrant, and has abnormally short arms. I am open to new suggestions.

9) I've had to jump start my car almost every day this month. It no-likey-the-cold and I let J have the garage since he leaves early in the a.m.

10) I asked J for my last random fact. "You take ridiculously hot showers, you rub the side of your thumb until it's raw, if there's a lull in a phone conversation you always say 'sooo.....', " Thanks. I asked for random facts not annoying habits!


Melissa said...

I feel like I just learned so much about you. I too want to do the Amazing Race. In fact we have a lot in common. I love that you can't remember the names of songs and composers. That is my whole life. Details just don't stick.

ps, I am totally coming to our bed and breakfast someday

Allison & Noah Riley said...

I loved this post! It's funny... living with you for 17 years means I knew an awful lot of these facts already - but fun to relive the ones I already knew, and fun to start packing my bags for the Friends and Fam Amazing Race. Noah and I are going to totally kick trash.

Allison & Noah Riley said...

And I also find it really indicative of our joined-at-the-hip childhood and adolescence that we had the EXACT same jobs until we earned separate degrees that finally differentiated our career paths.

Ashley said...

Yes, although I just realized I forgot my lifeguard job. Better forgotten I suppose. You would think it would be perfect since I spent hours at the pool anyway. But having to stay awake...

Tara said...

I've always thought your were such an interesting person-and I mean that in a good way! Thanks for the insight on Ashley:)

Nicole said...

I have goose flesh because I think we might be the same person. Right down to the rubbing the side of my thumb until it's raw. And I even had my own internal intervention about Matthew McConaughy - it helps to imagine how bad his breath probably is. Ha! Thanks for answering all the post questions and freaking me out.

val said...

Your tag was a great morning read. Can't wait to come to your little Brunch Cafe.

jason said...

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hayley said...

As annoying as tags are to write, I love reading them. It's like watching reality TV. Why are we all so curious about other peoples lives? Anyways, thanks for sharing I enjoyed it;) Plus I was totally relating to the ignore the boy and he will want you comment!

melissa said...

So, were you a janitor at a frat house, or something? Thanks for playing, Ashley!

Tristie said...

i love your writings, woman. you are so entertaining. fun fun facts and tidbits, thanks!

Erin said...

I agree - you are seriously entertaining. I laugh out loud so much when I read your blog. Love it. Way to take one for the team with the car. I'm more selfish than you I suppose. :)