Saturday, February 9, 2008

Foux De Fa Fa

Bobby and Katherine introduced us to Flight of the Conchords--their little addiction de jour. This one is probably the least funny of them all, but of course, it's my favorite. I don't know why that always happens. Maybe because it kind-of reminds me of old Abba music videos.

I think I like it so much because the entire song is made up of the vocabulary from the first three chapters of my 7th grade french book. Which is good because that's all I remember. It makes me want to brush up on my francais. Something I should have done 10 years ago. One of the few times I actually used my french was traumatic. Allison and I were staying with some family friends in Belgium when I was 16. Their older daughter had a party one night with quite a few older boys who, of course, each kissed us on both cheeks when they arrived. So I was already WAY out of my comfort zone. Not too experienced with the opposite sex was I. So it got even worse when they insisted I say some things in french. They all spoke english very well, so it wasn't like I was a communication barrier at the party. I'm sure they knew it would be hilarious. And indeed, it was. I said a few things then tried to say 'I have a cat'. Well, how my french teacher taught me to say 'cat' was SOOOO not how it is pronounced and meant something rather obscene. I'm still mortified.

My favorite part of the song is where the girl says 'Ou est la piscine?...Parlez-vous le francais?' and he says, 'Uhhhh....non.' I should have left it at that as well.


Allison & Noah Riley said...

SO hilarious! Claire had JUST mentioned Flight of the Conchords on her blog, and coming from a source I respect on a list with Arrested Development I knew it would not disappoint. I fully intended to check into this litte ditty soon, but thank you for doing the work for me :)

melissa said...

That was delightful. What does Foo loo fah fah mean? (I know I'm spelling that wrong. It's probably spelled fioeuriesl lieuoruiskn feislsal fncjeis. Stupid French.)

Allison & Noah Riley said...

I also love that it incorporates one of my favorite french words - piscine. I remember Ms. Smith's pneumonic device for that one... little kids piss in the pool. Classy.

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