Friday, June 29, 2012

The Lake, part three (july.2011)

Guess I should finish 'er up.  I'll just say it, catching up on posts a year late is lame.  But it is getting me excited for next week!  Which is hard to do these days--vacations are WORK now.


J read about a castle south of town so we set off one morning to find it.  We wandered into a national park for a few hours, then finally found what we were looking for.  Except it wasn't in a park, like we thought.  It was in a private {awesome} neighborhood.  The housing association turned it into a library and I was rather smitten with the whole area.  And who wouldn't be--as well as the castle library, the common grounds in the middle of the houses had clay tennis courts, beautiful lawns, an ice cream parlor and a private beach with this view:



The girls and I spent quite a while in here.  We weren't invited, but we never ran into anyone who told us to leave (or anyone at all for that matter), so...


Abbey just started getting interested in great literature. I would love a special place like this for her to escape to and read the afternoon away.  What a cool little find.


val said...

Easy on you guys happening upon an enchanted library and property! Splendid photos. The girls reading in the nook...needs to be printed and framed.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

ah, these pictures are simply lovely :)

Corie said...

Wow, wow, wow. I know your life isn't perfect, but I'll tell ya what. It sure looks pretty amazing through these lake vacation pics! Also, I love your header photo. Such a beautiful, wonderful family. 'Hope you're having a fun summer!

Alisa and Crowells said...

I love year-old posts. I'm all over them. :) Your updated pictures are the best ever...I have got to meet Hayden someday!!