Tuesday, June 12, 2012

5-6, Pick Up Sticks


Finally!  The anticipated birthday is here!!!  We talk about birthdays ALL year long.  I doubt I could ever live up to her expectations, but hopefully she feels special and loved today.  This year you:

-started kindergarten
-were missed something fierce by the ones left at home
-became a bit of a Queen Bee
-mastered the monkey bars (with splitting blisters to prove it!)
-started piano lessons and rocked two recitals
-learned how to read
-blew us away with awesome test scores!
-gave Hayden a haircut
-conquered the big waterslide
-lost your first tooth
-started roller blading
-pierced your ears


Abbey Girl--you are not for lacking in the confidence department!  I anticipate some growing pains in the next few years as you learn to handle that confidence, but what can I say?  You just have a lot of good ideas!  You are always coming up with stuff and I'll think, 'Well...yeah.  I can't see why not!'  And lucky you, your school teacher was happy to go along with your ideas as well.  Early in the year you started a trend of bringing and reading a book to your class on your 'teacher's pet' day.  (Your classmates rotate being 'teacher's pet' each day and get to be in charge of doing or delegating different chores throughout the day.  I imagine you delegate more than do....)  One morning you mentioned you needed your piano books that day because you worked out a deal with your music teacher to play for your class.  I love that you come up with ideas and have the guts to make it happen on your own.

I love when we get some alone time together.  I really debate owning up to this particular day.  Not proud of myself.  But you've been saving up your allowance to buy a pack of Smencils you saw at the mall a few months ago.  (Smencils...pencils that smell like strawberry, pineapple, etc.  Yeah.  You love them.)  I had some errands there a week ago, so you and I went alone with every penny you owned.  I thought it was about $8, so made you count it out before we went.  We got there and it was FIFTEEN.  Fifteen dollars.  For pencils.  Oh, it killed me.  Eight was ridiculous.  I actually think I was sweating when we checked out.  I have never seen you so excited about a purchase, it kind-of melted me.  Don't get used to it, kid.

We also had a fun night taking these pictures together this week.  I wasn't annoyed when you refused a few weeks ago because I knew you would be up for it some other time.  And, boy, were you ever up for it.   Ha ha!  I love these.


 You are an incredible big sister.  If I'm not around, you are Bennett's new mommy and he won't let you walk away.  You are SO good to him.  One Sunday I was on my own getting you guys to church.  I was gathering the last few things and you took Bennett out to the car and somehow got him into his car seat!  I was blown away.  As we drove out of the neighborhood, I thanked you and said I was surprised you were able to lift him into his seat.  You said, "I could tell you were in a hurry so I thought I could help you out."


 I enjoy you so much right now.  You've become a little more sensitive this year--to Hayden's teasing, to our discipline (last year, you couldn't care less if we were upset!)  You've also become a lot more responsible this year.  I love your sweet face and your spicy personality.  You pack a lot of punch in that little body!  Your dad and I were already so in love with you six years ago, who knew it would get so good--love you, sweet pea.



Allison and Noah Riley said...

Oh, how I love this sweet six year old. It was such a treat to visit three times last year, and get to spend time with you, dear Abbey. One of my favorite memories with you was the piano songs you played for us on Christmas Eve. Love you so much, Abbey!

Becky said...

She's adorable! And she will treasure having all the things you've written about her someday. They'll mean the world to her.

Nicole said...

Your birthday homages are the best. I always get teary. Abbey is beautiful on the inside and out - just like her Mama. :) (And probably her Dad, but I don't have enough information on that. Ha!)

Emily S. said...

Perfect. The photos, the memories... The sweet little girl of yours. Utterly perfect.

val said...

would it be weird if i said i loved every word of this post?...ok good. she is such a doll. love her confidence and spirit. she's a strong one, i can just tell by looking at her. the photos are fabulous and what treasures!
can't believe she hauled the baby out to the car! i gawfed at that one! she rocks.
happy bithday rad one.

Leslie said...

Oh Ashley she is radiant... How old? Seriously and her little sense of style is so cute.. the necklace is sugar.. But really that helper heart.. don't you love that?