Monday, December 13, 2010

The Pre-Thanksgiving Meal

The first thing Kyler wanted to do when he got into town was check out a local burger place. He had seen it on the Travel Channel or Food Network or something so we dropped off his bags and went straight there for lunch. It was the funniest eating experience of my life. Think soup-nazi meets burger joint. The place was packed, so I guess people like to be emotionally assaulted while eating lunch.

A few days earlier I was driving past a KFC and wondering if they were still going with Kentucky Fresh Chicken instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Seems like a lot of fast food joints are trying to come off more health conscious in the past few years. I had my own mental debate over the success of this marketing on my way to preschool. (I don't usually listen to music when I drive. So this is what I do.) Anyway! My thought was that some people, and dare I say, a lot of people who frequent fast food joints, may not care. May be attracted to the grease. This burger joint proved my theory. You can get as many patties as you want. There are signs inside that say things like "If you want low-fat, we have water" or Kyler's favorite, "Gain your freshman fifteen by October!" There is no shame. And it smells delicious. And it is packed.

The restaurant couldn't be more than 500 square feet and that space is filled with a few tables and bar stools, the grill and employees, and the snaking line of people willing to wait a long time for food. About 20 minutes in, I decided it would be smart to snag a table and sit with the kids. 15 minutes later, Justin calls to me across the snaking line and says, "Get up here!"

"What?!?" I mouthed.
"Get up here! Now! Grab the kids, get up here!"
"Seriously. We won't get our food. Come now. Hurry."

You have got to be kidding. I guess I sat down with the kids before walking past the enormous sign of 'how to order' and missed out on a few of the rules. When Justin ordered my chicken sandwich, the cook said, "You know that doesn't have beef, right?" Justin laughed and said it was for his wife, to which the cook said, "Where is Mrs. Pace? She has to be here to order her food! Get her up here now!"

He wasn't kidding. I think he was just mad I ordered chicken.

The girls had to say goodbye to their ketchup, salt, and pepper 'friends', the line parted, I grabbed all our coats.gloves.hats.bags and then we squeezed through. By the time I got up there, Kyler had already been in trouble for telling the cook what cheese to put on his burger before it was time. I really thought they wouldn't let us eat after all the ordering infractions.

But the people in line saved our table, the food was artery-cloggin' good, and I was over the embarrassment by the fifth or sixth french fry. The place is so packed that the people in line are snug up to your table, looking over your food, and chatting to you about skiing in Park City while you eat in front of them.

Good times. I totally loved it. Thanks for getting us there, Ky Guy.

We love having Kyler around. In fact, he's been there for a lot of our big family moments; the night we got engaged, our marriage ceremony, Justin's graduation, Hayden's birth (not in the room, mind you.) He and Justin made my day by putting up Christmas lights just hours before he flew back home.

Everyone on three: one, two, three...



Abbey was out there cheering them on the whole time :) I love this picture, good memories all week.


The Hodsons said...

So what is the place?? I watch the show "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" all the time and let's just say it makes me hungry.

Love how your husband is pretty much holding on to dear life while Abbey cheers him on and you take a picture. Pretty scary stuff! I tried to talk Ty into putting up lights this year (for Brynlee of course :) ). I guess I will have to be more convincing next year. He always pretty much killed himself in Riverdale, but it was well worth it. Wow I sound kinda like an evil wife.

Anyways, since this is now a bit long, might as well keep going. Your food looks great! Don't you hate how everyone eats so dainty when they're not at home? Oh, and let's see a picture of that turkey.

One more did you get Hayden to make that expression on your Christmas card??

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Nobody die! Love it!

Your house! It's fun to see a little of the outside! I hope I will be visiting... say, Aprilish.

Jeanine said...

I am so excited for you...and your growing family! Congratulations on your upcoming addition. :) Adding a boy will be such a fun change of pace. No pun intended.

I am glad to see you guys are doing well...and eating well. Hope you haven't been too sick. :)

Jeanine said...

Ps...Your girls are beautiful.

Corey, Alisa, Elsie, and Spencer said...

Oh, too funny. I just love it.
Corey would have LOVED to have joined in on Risk--I'll never play it with him. :)

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

i love this picture, so much.