Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post Halloween Daze

-still working a little sugar out of our systems-



Allison and Noah Riley said...

Love her. Love this.

Will we be seeing their costumes?! Can't wait to see what they were!

Corie said...

Oh my. I'm speechless. I'm not sure what's going in these pictures, but it looks like fun! So fun to see what kids come up with. :)

Corey, Alisa, and Elsie said...

Okay, this is hilarious! I just love it.

melissa said...

Awesome. My kid threw up yesterday morning. That's how he got all the sugar out of his system.

It was so great to see you guys! P.S. I found your sippy cup in my refridgerator. Do you want it back?

sarah said...

hi, just found your blog as i was searching for a beanbag tutorial to do with my kids. i love these photos and her mitts. did you knit them yourself? i would love a pair! my daughter donned the googles all summer as well and we are still working out the sugar!!

Ashley said...

Hi Sarah-- I wish I knit them. That's actually a really good idea, maybe a good Thanksgiving project. These are just some I grabbed at H&M kids last week.

Seriously...I'm going to go look up some mitten patterns :)