Sunday, June 20, 2010


I lucked out. Last week in church the primary got up and sang a Father's Day song. I looked over at Justin, eyebrows raised, mouth in a little 'o' of surprise. Then couldn't stop laughing and apologizing that I had forgot about Father's Day. The stinker let me believe it all day. We have a stake meeting today with Elder Bednar and so the primary did their program a week early, come to find out. Phew!

Gave me the chance to prepare. As Justin spent every moment that afternoon with the kids, I realized they have quite the attentive Dad and it would be fun to write down all the 'dad' stuff he did this week. LESS than a week:


All in the few hours he's home from work! At first I thought he had found my list and was sort of milking it. But no, it's safe to say this is pretty par for the course. I love that guy. It is especially sweet to me that this is truly what he wants to do with his time.

Happy Father's Day!


Corie said...

What a sweet dad/husband. Justin was always such a quality guy... you are a lucky girl, Ashley! Those daughters of yours will be so blessed to have a dad like him. What a cute list. The girls will love looking back on it when they're older!

allyn said...

these sweet, thoughtful, natural behaviors become all the more sweet, thoughtful and endearing when that wonderful man is gone for extended periods.
i haven't met justing, but from your blog you have made him sound wonderful. good job scoring a wonderful man. the older i get the more i realize that they are scarce in this world.