Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Afternoon of Tea



Grandma Furniss's dishes. Red velvet cake. The little birdie salt-and-pepper shakers peeking out from tea cups and teapots. I was so happy to see her pumpkin seed table topper, it made me feel special for some reason :) It was a feast for the eyes and then just a regular feast. Or verging on gluttony, truly, I could not stop eating! Nicole knows how to put on a party!

I had the pleasure of sitting across from this sweet face. It was obvious Bridget has sat at a tea party or two, she was perfectly lovely. I think I made her nervous taking a thousand pictures of her from across the table.


(The kids got grape juice, we got the good stuff :) )

Abbey took note and wanted to do tea parties the rest of our trip. Good thing Nana had a suitcase filled with soiree essentials.


Thanks Nicole! It was a perfect afternoon.


Allison and Noah Riley said...

Two sweet moms and three adorable girls. Looks like a perfect afternoon!

kenzie said...

I can hear them saying "How do you like your tea, Mrs. Nesbit?" Cute pictures! I'm sad I missed it.

Nicole said...

I KNEW your photos would be better! Can I just admit that the one with me pouring tea for Bridget made me tear up a little? I love photos that make me feel like a fun Mom. I wish we could do a tea party every day. Thanks for making time for us. :)

The Hodsons said...

Seriously...absolutley lovely!!!! So, what do you mean by "the good stuff" :)

Ashley said...

Nicole's going to be so disappointed I can't remember the exact flavor. Chamomile and honey?

allyn said...

sososososo sweet. you really did get some good ones, ashley.
does abbey's hair just curl that perfect amount of curl naturally, or do you put a curling iron to it every day?
i am bummed we missed you guys. are you going to be back in july, by chance?

Anonymous said...
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