Monday, September 21, 2009

Something Pretty: Round One

Someone pulled through! I got these thoughts and pictures from Jeanine late last night (who happens to be a tall glass of something pretty herself!)


And just as I was about to publish, another from one of my favorite people, Alisa! I met Alisa in high school and we played in a quartet together for years. All my guy friends begged me to set them up with the 'hottie orchestra chick' who just moved in. My fragile high-school ego could have easily resented her {as I was kind-a hoping I was the hottie orchestra chick}, but Alisa is the sweetest person I've ever met. Love that girl, can't wait to meet that little girl one day.


Thanks girls, you made my day.
Keep 'em coming!


cacrowell said...

Wow Ash--compliment overload! You are WAY too generous! If only the naturally gifted and well-rounded YOU rubbed off on me somehow--I'd be set forever. As to Jeanine--she's right, beauty is everywhere you look. Great idea Ash--you're thoughtful to collect "everything pretty."

Jeanine said...

How fun...I hope you keep doing this! You should add your something pretty too. :)