Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh to be Two

I was getting the girls ready to go to our favorite children's museum and was running about the house grabbing all the ridiculous gear it takes for us to get out of the house. Abbey said "I gave one to Hayden!" and was acting pretty pleased with herself. What do you know. It was a tylenol! I'm glad I was paying attention and quickly got it out of her mouth before the coating even dissolved. These girls keep me hopping.

I was giving Abbey a scotch blessing (what DOES that mean?) and ended with "You never, ever, ever put things in Hayden's mouth. Do you understand?"

She said, "Yes, Mudder."
Total Attitude.


So off to the museum to meet up with Jeanine and Ellory. Had a lovely time. Skip forward to the drive home:

Abbey's upset about her socks and throws a shoe at Hayden. Then continues to scream that she doesn't know where the shoe is now. Oh...toddlers. Made out of pure sweetness, aren't they?

A few minutes later she says "I'm sorry, Hayden. I say, I'm sorry, ok?" I asked why she was apologizing and she said, "Because I want to." Ooohkay, Miss Attitude.

Me: I know, what did you do to her?
Abbey: Nothing.
Me: Did you throw a shoe at her?

a few seconds to reflect, then:

Abbey: "....Hayden!! You know where my shoe is!"


Erica said...

I miss those cute girls! Are you going to come out this way at all this summer?

Bradshaw Family said...

Yeah...I love 2 year olds, especially girls. We will be coming in March or April, drive and stay a day or two with you guys then, I will keep you posted.

cacrowell said...

Too funny! So nice of Abbey to share...and apologize. Way cute girls!

jayne said...

Oh the joys of motherhood. Just keep thinking about how close that cruise is!

Sheena said...

Ashley- I get such a kick out of what cute things your daughter says. I have never even met her and I can totally picture what an adorable personality she has. Also, you do such an amazing job with the photography and editing...wowza girl you definitely have a talent! How are you these days????


Katherine said...

A TYLENOL! Holy crap. Remember we were on that phone that one time and I turned the corner and Sophie had opened my bottle of Excedrin and how them all poured out on the ground? !!! These kids. Thank goodness you were on the phone so you could calm me down! Abbey is HILARIOUS. We're hearing some similar attitude coming out of Franny's mouth here. Sophie just screams everything she says so it's hard to pick up on things like sarcasm and attitude with her. :)