Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lovin' It

All right, the last post was a bit brutal. And I didn't realize how many of my friends are gum chewers. Which is good. It means you have the chewing under control! I'm a little embarassed to let my impatience and pet peeves be known. Although, truth be told, there are many more I could spill, ha ha. But someone I admire and love passed away this week. President Hinckley--who was always positive and now I feel silly. So here are the things I love today:

(1) I LOVE that Missourians cannot drive in the snow. The moment it started snowing this morning, everyone headed home. Abbey was the only kid in the gym's child care and the worker was trying to convince me to go home because she heard there were tons of accidents. I did end up leaving a little early because I sensed she herself wanted to hit the road, only to find the roads to have maybe what you would call a 'skiff of snow'. The guy at the grocery store told me to 'stock up'. That was six hours ago and I can still see grass. Oh well. J got sent home from the hospital because of the impending 'driving conditions'. Love it.

(2) Lovin' my calling at church. I was driving with one of my twelve-year old Beehives last night and she was telling me why she was glad to be a member of the church. Then we laughed and laughed when we both ran back to the car after an encounter with an enormous dog. A dog that was safely inside a house, away from us. But man, those things are scary. I can't wait to have sweet, pre-teen girls of my own.

(3) Lovin' my ward in general. I ran into a lady in the women's bathroom and talked to her for a good 45 minutes about home schooling, raising chickens and goats, immunizations, music, fruit smoothies and Joseph Smith. Usually people like her make me feel inadequate. Like I'm less of a Mom for sending my kids to public schools or using Tylenol. But she does her thing and doesn't judge people for what they choose to do. When she asked if I planned on homeschooling and I honestly told her no, I didn't feel bad at all. And when we talked about immunizations, she didn't make me feel uninformed that we've done Abbey's. I love when I find people in my life who do things and think differently than me, but we respect each other. No judging. We get each other.

(4) Good support. Good friends who made efforts to come visit us the last two weekends. A friend who said today she felt like it would be 'cheating' on us to play games with anyone else :) New friends who are so real. This morning a bunch of us got together and talked about the good and the honest, not so good. Good family. My sister used up precious cell phone minutes to call me back when she knew I was having a rough day and needed some perspective on a problem. I love those talks.

So that's what I love about today.


"All you need is love" said...

I can hear you talk when you write and it makes me miss you. Your sense of humor kills me! Your baby bump is darling. I am a watermelon, but a happy one because it will be gone soon. Wish we could come and see you.

emily said...

love this post...
I wanna be a "good new friend." When shall we hang out?

And your baby bump is cute! Still so little for this being your 2nd!!

Tristie said...

cool peek inside your head. don't feel silly for having stuff that is what makes you human and real. i love your posts. good job lady.

Natalie said...

Thanks for this post--I think I needed a reminder to look on the bright side! Is there a bright side to freezing rain?

val said...

LOVED this post. Thanks Ash.