Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanks Indeed

The Man's Holiday. Justin was in 7th heaven. Football and basketball in the morning, straight to an amazing Thanksgiving meal, more football on TV, games, and Thanksgiving desserts. What could be better?

We headed north to have Thanksgiving with the Ultimate Hostess, Katherine, and family. Boy, do I know how to pick friends. I've never seen someone go to such lengths for a Thanksgiving meal. Isn't the place setting pretty? That's brand spankin' new china, I unpacked it and took the tags off myself. She made everything so special, Thanks Katherine! And her family was in town so we were especially grateful that she even wanted us lurking about.

The family, pre-dinner picture. Well, I guess Abbey is digging in. You don't wanna see post-dinner pictures. I was regretting having put anything in my mouth that day before the big feast because my eyes wanted what the full, aching tummy would not allow. I think three separate people offered to take my plate to the sink. I refused, insisting I could finish it off. Oh, the tragedy of Thanksgiving, I could not. Thanks heavens for leftovers.

And the beautiful apple pie. I loved the pastry leaves on top. Don't tell, but I didn't actually try the apple pie (but was sure to take a picture). I was stuck on the other two desserts all week--pumpkin pie and a fudgy, pepperminty goodness I don't have a name for. I guess we could call them my hips now.
Sweet babes; here's a picture of Abbey leading Sophie in a prayer before reading time. She's all about the prayers these days.

And then the strategic move of sticking around the Thanksgiving home for a few days of leftovers. By today we were growing tired of the leftovers, but never fear. Turkey Salad Sandwiches with Pomegranate and Pineapple. Um, yum! I'm sure Katherine will post the recipe on her blog (now you have to), check it out. Delicious.


allegra said...

thought i would check out some blogs..again.. this time b/4 bed and glad i checked yours!

no fair. this gorgeous katherine woman is insanely martha "stewarty." i've been admiring her from afar, and wish i was in her circle of friends. i want in! i want in!

beautiful food, just beautiful...

Katherine said...

I'm so glad you guys came! And I'm so glad you could enjoy my Thanksgiving leftover find with me! The turkey salad sandwich would have been wasted on Bobby and it was much more fun to have people to enjoy it with. You take awesome pictures. I'm glad you got one of the place setting because I did not.

Allegra, you make me blush. Thanks for the ego-boost! I checked out your blog and your collaborative effort - Delicious Dishes- it looks awesome! Reese's brownies? That sounds too good to be true. Any friend of Ash's is a friend of mine.

Ashley said...

All my worlds are colliding. Excellent... I'm already planning a huge birthday bash for myself when I turn 30, so everyone can meet then :) Yes, over 5 years away, mark your calendars people. My sister, Koryn, told me in Holland, when it is your birthday, YOU bring cake and small gifts for everyone to celebrate with you. None of this waiting around to see who remembers. So, I'm planning my own 30 year bash. Kind-of off subject, but then you all will meet :) And everyone will know each other because of the blogging.

cacrowell said... that's gourmet!! It all looks SUPER yummy! Incredible is an understatement. Thanks for sharing Thanksgiving Dinner via blogging--it looks so good I can almost taste it...almost. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

emily said...

my relationship with food was so sad for most of the pregnancy... either it was nausea, heartburn, no ROOM, or desserts only... LOL! Glad you got to enjoy SOME of the goodness!!

emily said...

And P.S. I am SO sad i didn't get your voice mail til a day later the other day... I was so in the mood for visitors. Boo.

Our phones were on "buzz" the entire stay, for Noah's sake, but I think it caused us to miss a lot of the calls and text messages til much later.

Thank you so much for being sweeet and thinking of us. Noah would LOVE to meet you now that we're home.

Jill said...

How fun I am jealous!

Tristie said...

Best Thanksgiving post, so far. The food looks amazing. If you eat til you're miserable, then it was a success.

Melody said...

Fabulous as expected. my mouth is watering from afar.