Friday, November 16, 2007

Adult Children

This entire post is a not-so-subtle hint for my sister to come visit us. :) Or at least fly her kids up here.

J's preceptor had a conference in DC, so that meant party time for us. We went to City Museum which is anything but a museum. It is a giant playground with caves and giant slides and a 'skateless' park where you slide around on skateboard ramps in your socks. Nothing is off limits, you can climb on everything. And we did.

My favorite part is the caves. It's dark and creepy and there are holes and crazy crevices you don't think you'll fit through. But you try anyway. You'll look 30 feet in the air and there are kids climbing through rebar tunnels above you. It is crazy. Crazy fun.

This picture is quintessential Abbey. You can't tell because of the flash, but it was dark in there. I couldn't believe she took off in that hole. It comes out under a cabin and I really didn't feel like belly crawling after her. Luckily my friends were on the other side and saw her head pop out so I could go around another way.

Silly J--trying to keep up with the kids. He got wedged between the netting and a sprinkler in the ceiling. Hilarious, what a good sport.
Do you like the deer-in-the-headlight look? This is because I had no business climbing down this with a kid. I don't think J realized how slick it was when he handed Abbey down to me. He was like 'Smile!' and I was like 'Grab your child before we slide to our death!'

Oh, Koryn, this is all totally safe. No worries! Send your kids!

Can you see me in the giant slinky? It's a good four or five stories in the air. I got in as a joke but then a pretty determined kid got in behind me so I really had to go through it. And fast. Luckily I'm not a few months further along or they would have had to get the jaws of life.

And then there's sweet Abbey. I felt funny sending her on a train without me. But you had to be 4 ft or shorter, so...what can you do? She had this expression on her face the entire time. Well, I don't know what she did when they disappeared into the dark tunnel. I like to think she laughed and had a great time.


allegra said...

'the jaws of life?' ash you got me laughing. i really hope you don't have one of those fancy sight monitors that reveal who looks at your sight and how often, because then you would find out how much of a pace blog stalker i am. i just keep coming back for more and more funny reads... they make my day. if you could teach a class on 'how to be more witty' i'm there!

could abbey get any cuter? hmmm don't think so

Allison & Noah Riley said...

This looks like SUCH a blast! I hope that offer isn't just extended to the 8 and 6 year olds in the family, because I'm tempted to take you up on it.

And ps - I am TOTALLY digging the ensemble! (Yours) LOVE it.

Ashley said...

Offer extended to all! We totally didn't know what we were missing when you guys came down here with us last spring. Oh, the sights we could see.

jayne said...

How is it I've been to St. Louis countless times with children in tow and never ventured to this museum? Next time, next time. Looks like so much fun!

Melody said...

Awesome!! Emily told me how cool this place was and tried to describe it in detail, but words just can't express what pictures do. I would love this place.... well not right now, 9 months of baby in my belly would make it a bit uncomfortable, but next time I'm in St. Louis, we have to do this! Good ploy Ash!

Ashley said...

Speaking of ploys...I've been meaning to call you about my ploy to fly you out here in exchange for art :) I'm so sneaky. We need a good chat anyway, I'll be callin'.

emily said...

rhis is one of my TOP THREE places to go in STL! Glad you guys found it!!

Melissa said...

We loved this place. We went when I was 6 months pregnant with Kamry and had a very huge belly. I felt like I was going to be stuck forever. The bad thing was if I didn't follow along I would have been left behind all day not knowing were they would come out. The girls loved it. They even crossed over to the plane outside and shimmied down the rebar, me of course following behind wanting to cry, hoping the hole at the end was big enough for my belly and wondering if this could put me into labor. It about did me in. What fun memories we create.

Aubrey said...

I love the look on that face!!!!!!