Thursday, November 8, 2007

I Must Discuss

For those of you who have already been through the Twilight series, I have another good read for ya. And if you could finish all 754 pages by...Sunday, that would be great. I need a book club discussion!

Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln

It took me a year to finish it. Not because it is boring. Far from it, my friend. I had to hide it from myself while I needed to be studying other stuff. The night I finished it, I knew it was leading up to the assassination, obviously. I kept hoping and wishing that he wouldn't go to the Ford Theatre. Thousands of history books could have had it wrong, right? Oh shoot. I hope I didn't just ruin it for any of you :)

It's a biography on Lincoln's life and it truly gave me a deep respect and admiration for this man that many consider the greatest president of our country. It talks about all the haps in DC at the time and goes into not only Lincoln's life, but also the lives of his family, some friends, members of his cabinet, and important generals in the Civil War. It was so interesting to read about things that were glazed over in US History classes and understand the background of the people and why they made their decisions. General Grant is a main figure later in the book. His wife grew up in St Louis and they lived here together for many years. There's a large park and museum here on their farm so it's been fun to go see his house and learn more about his family.

So, if you have read it, let me know. We can shoot the breeze on Civil War times or do an online book club somehow.


Allison & Noah Riley said...

I have it. I started it. And then I was distracted by two other FABULOUS reads. So... read mine while I try to catch up on yours and we'll discuss three COMPLETELY unrelated tales :). I read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, an interesting current affairs/business book. Also, I started another book on my flights this week - Train to Potevka. It's about a CIA agent in Russia whose mission is compromised. Intense. AND the guy is a Utah State grad, so that's pretty rad.

Ashley said...

Train to Potevka, is that one of mom's books? The story sounds familiar. Oui, mon soeur, I will get right on it. I need another good book.

Tara said...

Thanks for the recommendation, this does sound good!

Erin said...

Yes, yes, yes, I'd love to discuss. This book is FANTASTIC. I have it on my top ten list. I loved it. I especially liked that it went into detail about the background and personalities of his cabinet members and some civil war generals. I am still bitter about General McClellan - what a jerk. ew - it made me so mad reading about him! And I LOVE Edwin Stanton. He and Seward were such faithful friends, and so competent. (It made me so sad when Pres Andrew Johnson didn't appreciate Stanton and actually asked him to resign. That makes me NOT like Pres Johnson.) And poor Chase.... I just pity that unhappy man. The author sums it up when she said near the end that Chase 'turned his addicted gaze' to some other political office.
Anyway, I totally cried at the end, especially when Seward found out that Lincoln had been killed.
I have such great respect for President Lincoln after reading this book. He was a much needed blessing to our country.

Ashley said...

Yay, Erin, I knew you would be in. You are going to be so jealous when I tell you all about Grant's Farm here.

Tyler and Melissa said...

This sounds great! Thanks for the great book tip!