Thursday, April 24, 2014

First Week With Ruthie

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I'm having a hard time even remembering back to the first week home with Ruthie.  My mom flew in Friday night to be with us for a week and it was a complete pleasure.  Every minute, I felt so lucky to have her there.  She was so great at anticipating what I would need, before I realized I needed it.

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If ever a little boy loved his Grandma, this was it.

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I was going to try and remember all the amazing every day moments my mom had with my kids.  She is a constant teacher and is so great at tugging at their little minds.  But here it is, four months later, and this seems like a lifetime ago.  But I do remember one moment when I was trying to get Abbey to concentrate on her Lincoln biography.  I thought I'd motivate her by telling her how much I loved Lincoln, what an inspired President he was, etc.  It wasn't working, she was not impressed.  My mom was doing dishes and casually said, "Abbey, since your mom loves Lincoln so much, why don't you read a page, pick out your favorite information, and quiz her on it."  Boom.  Done.  I couldn't believe these perfect ideas that would just pop in her head.

She brought these blank hard back books and worked for hours with the girls to write and illustrate their own stories.  I saw this scene probably every night:

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I started getting upset a few nights before she flew home, just in anticipation of her leaving.  When it came time for J to drive her to the airport, I literally could not say goodbye.  Those first few weeks are so hard and all I wanted to do was watch as this beautiful baby changed before my eyes.  Thanks, Mom, for helping me enjoy those first days with her.

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