Saturday, July 9, 2011

Road. Ro-aaad.

So last night I was trying to think of the word 'nicotine'.

And for some reason, I could not, for the life of me, remember how to pronounce 'nicotine'. It just didn't sound right. Nicotine. ˈNikəˌtēn.

J told me how it was pronounced. I didn't really believe him. Sometimes he likes to mess with me about things that aren't at all important.

After sitting in bed, failing to sleep, I finally grabbed my ipod and found an old podcast about nicotine. And he was pronouncing it right. And I listened to the whole podcast. And I should have been sleeping.

And apparently I blog about things that aren't at all important.

And it still doesn't sound right.


Natalie said...

Ash-- this is why I love you! Sounds like something I would do/have done.

allyn said...

see what we sacrifice for motherhood! our brains get sucked out, sometimes never to return. good thing you had a whole podcast about nicotine to help you prove your mispronunciation. i would not have been so prepared.