Friday, January 7, 2011



That's the smirky face of a girl taunting me with her stolen candy. No remorse. And why would she feel bad? I rounded the corner and saw her with the goods and immediately grabbed my camera. Lucky for her I was feeling sentimental today. And her red sucker matched her outfit


I love this little golden chicken. Been feeling a soft spot for her the last few days. I've been going through family videos from 2009 to crop things out, condense it down, add some music montages so that we'll actually watch them someday. The girls have been helping me put the dvd together and Abbey asked why Hayden was crying in every video. Every. Video.

"What's making her so sad?"
"Honey, Hayden cried all the time when she was a baby. She just cried."

She's making up for it now. Mostly sugar--which holds me over through the little bits of spice she throws out there to keep it interesting.

This morning she was yelling 'no' at me about something. I told her to start over with a nicer voice and under her breath, she quietly said, "No, meanie." What do you say to that? Not much cause you're trying too hard to stifle the laugh.


Melody said...

I have to just hold my heart. THis is so sweet. She is so pretty and .. making up for her first year for sure. :)

Aubrey said...

This girl is such a doll . . are you really sure she always cried when she was a baby? I don't ever remember hearing her cry the month we stayed in St. Louis! You have the two cutest girls ever! Can't wait to see this boy:)

Ashley said...

You know, she was a really easy newborn. It was about September/October that things changed. There was a lot going on in our family but I think it boiled down to acid reflux that required more than the basic prescription. I just didn't know and when the first medicine didn't work, assumed it wasn't reflux. Live and learn.

Corie said...

I understand how you could so completely fall for that girl. Her face is just perfect! What a beautiful little girl you have, Ashley.

Chantel said...

She is SUPER sweet! I love the amazing pictures you take!

Corey, Alisa, Elsie, and Spencer said...

That little lollie matches her outfit entirely! So cute. Look at her feet just dangling off the chair, too.

The Hodsons said...

Perfect picture moment!!!

joshhouck said...

just caught up on your blog. Once again: AWESOME PICS!! Thoroughly captivating and simple.

Hope you two are doing well!