Sunday, August 22, 2010

That There's an RV


We snuck away for a little anniversary celebration. Oh...and these two tagged along :)


I looked into surprising J with a weekend away, but didn't know what to do with the girls. So I quickly decided to scrap my ideas and go celebrate our anniversary as a family. I've met a sweet girl this year through blogging who got married the same week as us and celebrates it with her kids. I love that idea--celebrating the anniversary of your family with your family :)



We were one of the first people on the beach that morning. Mostly because we were the only ones awake at the crack of dawn. See, we decided to rough it and go camping. What we didn't know was the 'campground' was a parking lot for RV's. We died laughing when we pulled up. We went back to the actual campground to talk to the lady who set up our reservation and she said, "Yeah...I didn't want to say anything and scare you." She offered us a spot in the wooded area, but we opted for the parking lot/sand dune since it was literally right on the beach. So we set up camp among the serious RV'ers, met a lovely couple, Jim and Sallie, who offered their fire and company, and were the first ones awake since everyone else was snug in their beds.


This pensive look on Hayden's face was so curious to me, then I went in for a closer look:


She was trying to 'kiss the sand'. I don't know. Then she didn't know what to do and didn't dare open her mouth. Silly kid.


My main objective was to take a nap on the beach. I woke up to someone laughing about the 'sun bathing baby' and found Hayden completely zonked out in the sand. I'm glad they woke me up so I could put a towel under her and an umbrella over her. Silly kid.

Where was Abbey this whole time? That kid is a fish!! She finally caught our love for the water. She wanted to walk me over to see the lighthouse and it took us 15 minutes to make the three minute walk. She seriously could not stay out of the waves. She'd get out and start walking with me, notice a wave, and go right back in. {side note: she just walked in the room and said "My heart has a bad feeling. My heart is choking because I need some water with ice in it." What?!?} Anyway, we eventually got there and Abbey dared me to jump off the pier like the other teenagers loitering about. I pretended I was scared so that she would egg me on some more. Little does she know I LOVE jumping off things into water. Eventually I got a running start and dove head first into the water. Coolest Mom Ever Status: Solidified.

It's safe to say we found the best ice cream in town. The little place totally reminded me of La Beau's in Bear Lake--all the sun-kissed families enjoying a treat after a day in the water. Abbey charmed the lady into putting a cherry on top for her. That girl always gets what she wants.


One evening a lady walked by, saw our tent in the shadow of a $100,000 RV the size of our old apartment in St Louis and said, "It just doesn't seem fair does it?" Then she saw the kids and said, "You all slept in that tent together?" then just busted up laughing. So did we. It did look pretty pathetic. Even more so the next morning as we packed up in the rain at 7 am after being hit by a storm all night. But overall, it was a fantastic little getaway.


Ben said...

What a beautiful getaway. Where did you go? I like the idea of celebrating your family with your family too.

Ben said...

Oops. That was Tearsa, not Ben :) I am on his computer.

Melissa said...

Hey, I just ate at La Beaus' on wednesday. We had our first trip to Bear Lake and loved it! I love your idea of a family anniversary trip! Your girls are growing so fast! Hope all is well!

Aubrey said...

Lovin the family trip, or anniversary! We always seem to be with our children too, and we have never tried to change it! The girls are looking so stinkin adorable!

Nicole said...

I loved that story about you jumping off the pier for Abbey. You ARE the coolest mom ever! Also the bravest for being in a tent with two little kids. For your anniversary. :)

melissa said...

Happy Anniversary! You in a tent with the kids surrounded by RV's makes me laugh so hard. Jeff's family tried the camping on the beach thing once. And only once.

Danette said...

How fun. We just celebrated our 7th too! Well, we haven't actually celebrated yet but we will and Keion will be with us too. He was there the day we were married so he always says it's "our" anniversary. I like your idea of celebrating as a family. Those girls are too cute and I had to laugh at the image of your tent in the shadow of the R.V.!!

Leslie said...

oh this made me tear up a bit.. as we always make anniversary day a family day..we call it mommy daddy love day.. but we were 4 states apart on our anniversary ... so it didn't happen.. now im more convinced than ever to make it happen this year if its it not on the right calendar year..

p.s. your kids are so darling... seriously.

Amy Anson said...

You make me smile every time I read your blog. Makes me want to go to the beach!

Corie said...

Sounds like a fun trip! It's good that your girls are so lovable that you don't mind spending your anniversary with them... in a tent, nonetheless! :) Happy anniversary to you and Justin. I remember we had our weddings the same summer. Seven years. Where do they go? Seriously.

Corey, Alisa, and Elsie said...

Happy 7th to you two--to you four! Loved this post. The contrast between your two girls is hilarious! Can't get over the deep-sleep, drooling mouth on Hayden. Awh man Abbey, I want a chocolate ice cream cone with a cherry on top--it looks SO good right now!

Mo and Kristi said...

Holy smokes. Ashley Furniss. Didn't I play with Allison at your wedding?!! Your family is A-dorable. Happy Anniversary. It looks like you are enjoying life!

Katherine said...

How fun!!! I love sleeping on the beach. It's the best thing ever!

Erin @ The Sisters Cafe said...

Oh man, I just love your blog! :) I love all the excitement you guys discover! I love the pictures! and I love those two beautiful girls! I'm glad you guys had a fun getaway, with the family! I like that idea of celebrating your anniversary with your family. :)